Pakistani Hackers Take Down Israeli Groupon, Leave Anti-Semitic Message

The Israeli website was hacked today by a team of Pakistani hackers. The hackers are waging a cyber war against Israel for their airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. The hackers, who are loosely affiliated with famed hacker group Anonymous, say they are going to take down thousands of Israeli sites until the confrontation is over.

The group calling themselves [!]Strucked by 1337 | H4x0rL1f3 | ZombiE_KsA | Invectus managed to get a horribly antisemitic message up for the Israeli population to see.

See below for the message left on the Israeli Groupon Homepage.

[!]Strucked by 1337 | H4x0rL1f3 | ZombiE_KsA | Invectus

The Notorious Hackers are Back

You Must have Heard about me on news, headlines, Gov. charges, blogs, blah blah


Why we have wasted our time to Roast your f**king Ass ?

Just because let us convey our message

I am writing on the behalf of all Pakistani and all Muslims


So, what you reap from that war except the destruction and devastation of your life !!
You only made a palestinian generation more stronger, more ruthless and more valor!

Because you are mentally retarded people because you do not learn from your mistakes,
and from mistakes of those who preceded you of your pigs!

Your war on Gaza will make you cry blood and let the next few days prove that to you ! ….

And let know that the possible options before the Zionist soldier entered Gaza are four options, no more!

1- Either will be killed 2- or will be captivated 3- or will be handicapped 4- or will be mentally ill

~ Our last words to all fucking Israelis and fucking Jews !! ~

We Muslims are people who love to drink bloods. And we learn that the taste of your blood is delicious !! We swear by ALLAH,
we will come to you like hungry lions, cut your bodies, roast your Asses, and rip what remaining of you. But who fall in our hands of your soldiers, we will throw him to our children to play him as a hungry cat.

BIG F**K Goes to your Fucking Spokesman !! 😀 “The ministry’s computer division will continue to block the millions of cyber attacks,” Steinitz said. “We are enjoying the fruits of our investment in recent years in developing computerized defence systems.”

LMAO ? You Enjoyed huh ? F**K U ISRAEL and F**K your those lamers Security Administrators !!