Kellyanne Conway And Madonna: A Comparison

What do Madonna and Kellyanne Conway have in common? One is an extreme liberal, while the other is an extreme conservative. One is the Queen of Pop, while the other serves as the counselor to the president. One believes in being as rebellious as possible no matter what age, while the other believes in “family values.”

So, why are Madonna and Kellyanne Conway being compared? Let’s take it to Buzzfeed.

“Both Conway and Madonna have become some version of what theorists call ‘the monstrous feminine’ — the woman who chooses not to ‘act her age,’ fails to discipline her body to look younger than that age, or refuses to disappear entirely.”

Madonna has been ridiculed for her looks and her age. [Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Columnist Anne Helen notes in an article about Conway that the only other woman who has been viciously shamed for her looks and other things men get a free pass for is Madonna. Conway has been called “Sewer Rat Barbie,” a “withered banana,” and many other things.

Meanwhile, the New York Times notes that sexist political criticism has found a new target in Kellyanne Conway.

“What powerful political woman is mocked for her clothes, is the target of pictures on Twitter depicting her as haggard and is routinely called a witch and a bitch? If you guessed Hillary Clinton, you’re right. But if you guessed Kellyanne Conway, you’re right, too.”

The article adds that misogyny is a bipartisan exercise and how striking it is that anger toward female politicians is expressed by both men and woman.

Kellyanne Conway dealt with the theme of misogyny in an interview with CBS This Morning. But first, Kellyanne revealed that she has full Secret Service protection after several threats. She also said she never “sold her soul” to be in the White House; she made more money in one and a half speeches than she will make the entire year in the White House. As CBS News notes, Conway became the first woman to manage and win a presidential race.

Kellyanne Conway says women are scrutinized by their clothes. [Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Conway also talks about how women are constantly scrutinized for what they are wearing, especially if they are conservative.

“Well, people talk about the double-standard of what a woman wears, not what she said or what she was doing X, Y and Z. The triple standard is that, you know, conservative women are held to — you know, are just cast aside many times by traditional feminist outlets and individuals who control a great deal of the media.”

Conway then talked about the controversy over the size of the crowd on Inauguration Day and her statement about alternative facts. She said she’s been a pollster for two decades plus, and she’s worked very hard to speak candidly and truthfully.

“Well, it [alternative facts] was alternative investment and additional facts. And that got conflated. But you know, respectfully, Norah, I see mistakes on TV every single day and people just brush them off,” she said, comparing her situation to the wrong movie winning at the Oscars.

Meanwhile, Conway is trying to cut back on screen time. She says she shouldn’t be looked at as somebody who goes on TV since it is about 5 percent of what she does. Conway says she is only on television when everybody else in the White House is sleeping or watching television from their bedside. Even if she cuts back on screen time, it doesn’t stop comedians playing Conway on television. Recently, Saturday Night Live portrayed Conway as a stalker.

Do you think Kellyanne Conway is being mistreated by the media and general public? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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