Jeff And Matt Hardy Win Ring Of Honor Tag Team Titles From Young Bucks

It has been a whirlwind of news coming out of the camp of the Hardy Boys, but it looks like Broken Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff have found a new home. After announcing that they were not re-signing with Impact Wrestling this week, the Hardys showed up at the Ring of Honor Manhattan Mayhem VI event and won the ROH tag team titles from the Young Bucks.

The match actually was a tag team title match between the Young Bucks and contenders Lio Rush and Jay White. In that match, the Young Bucks retained their titles but then the lights went out. When they came back on, Jeff and Matt Hardy stood in the ring.

While Impact Wrestling claimed last week that they owned the Broken gimmick that Matt Hardy and his brother use, it was the Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero characters that showed up. Matt said the two sides had called each other long enough and it was time to fight.

Jeff And Matt Hardy Win Ring Of Honor Tag Team Titles From Young Bucks
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Matt Hardy and Jeff had been collecting tag team titles from all over the world, winning the Impact Wrestling titles from Decay, the MCW tag team titles, OMEGA tag team titles, ASW tag team titles, and Crash tag team titles. The brothers can now add the Ring of Honor tag team titles to their collection.

The match saw Jeff Hardy hit the Twist of Fate onto one of the Young Bucks and then Matt Hardy slid over and pinned him. The Hardys used their Broken Matt music and played the same characters they portrayed in Impact Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling stripped Jeff and Matt Hardy of the tag team titles this week and are awarding it to a new tag team at their current television tapings. While they never lost the titles, the returning LAX won the Impact Wrestling tag team titles at the recent tapings.

After winning the Ring of Honor tag team championship, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy spoke to the crowd. The fans were going nuts about the win. Matt then said that many people assumed that they would sign a contract with the WWE and Vince McMahon. Hardy said, instead, they would live in The Honor of Ring.

Matt Hardy then said that he and Jeff had signed a contract with Ring of Honor. They will wrestle at the 15th Anniversary show, the next television tapings, and even more shows. He then said that the Hardy Boys are now wrestling for ROH.

This is a very surprising move. It was said that the brothers were in negotiations with the WWE. There still might be a chance the Ring of Honor stint is a short one and that they will end up back in the WWE, but for now they will remain out on their own.

Jeff And Matt Hardy Win Ring Of Honor Tag Team Titles From Young Bucks
[Image by WWE]

Impact Wrestling is changing dramatically at this time and they chose to move on from the Hardys. The WWE might have feared that they would not be able to use the Broken Matt character, which is what makes him so valuable right now. It looks like Ring of Honor does not share those same concerns.

The legendary tag team of Jeff and Matt Hardy are now wrestling under contract in Ring of Honor. With the Young Bucks, Briscoe Brothers, and more on the roster, it looks like ROH will be the place to be for the best in tag team wrestling as Matt Hardy might have made the perfect choice for him and his brother. The era of Broken Matt and Brother Nero in Ring of Honor Wrestling has begun.

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