Matt Hardy Filming Entire TNA Impact Wrestling Episode From Home

Matt Hardy has been singlehandedly trying to save TNA Impact Wrestling over the last few months. While the rumors have been swirling that the WWE is considering buying the company and maybe shutting it down, Matt Hardy has created the most buzzed about wrestling storylines in many years. Now, Cageside Seats reports that Matt Hardy is taking his creative brilliance one step further.

One week after the WWE rumors hit that they were planning to buy TNA Impact Wrestling for its library, the company held its Bound for Glory pay-per-view and taped months worth of television shows. At the TV tapings, Matt Hardy came out and announced that an entire TNA Impact Wrestling television broadcast would be filmed at his home – the Hardy Compound.

For those who haven’t been watching TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop TV, Matt Hardy returned to the company and underwent a transformation. Instead of his role as one-half of the Hardy Boyz tag team, Hardy took on the arrogant persona he started to develop in Ring of Honor. He then took it one step further and became Broken Matt Hardy, an egocentric and very strange person who is so over-the-top it is crazy.

The story then got even crazier when Matt Hardy began a feud with his brother Jeff Hardy and the two battled in a match called The Final Deletion, with the loser losing the right to use the Hardy name. The match took place at the Hardy Compound, included fireworks, a dilapidated boat, horror movie-like editing, and supporting characters that turned it into a spectacle.

Since that time, Matt Hardy and continued to create these bizarre and very non-traditional wrestling stories. The crazy thing is that, while TNA Impact Wrestling is struggling, it is Matt Hardy and his stories that are keeping it relevant.

When the Dudley Boyz were announcing their retirement on WWE Monday Night Raw, they mentioned the Hardy Boyz. The fans in the WWE arena all started to chant “Delete.” it might be one of the first times in many, many years that WWE fans chanted a TNA Impact Wrestling catchphrase at a WWE event.

What makes this optimistic for TNA Impact Wrestling at this moment is that Matt Hardy was allowed to move his story forward, on his own, at the encouragement of Billy Corgan. While the Inquisitr reported that Dixie Carter is fighting the sale of TNA Impact Wrestling to the WWE, it is Billy Corgan who is in control of the company when it comes to the creative direction and he is fighting for Matt Hardy.

It has now reached the point where Matt Hardy will get an entire episode of TNA Impact Wrestling for his own brilliant plans. TNA Impact Wrestling just filmed three months worth of television to take them up to the end of the year for shows. At the TV tapings, they announced that there would be an entire TNA Impact Wrestling episode that will take place at the Matt Hardy Compound.


So far, there are two matches that will take place at what Matt Hardy calls Total Non-Stop Deletion. In what he said will outdo the Final Deletion, Delete or Decay and the Great War, Matt Hardy challenged anyone to fight them. Shane Helms said his tag team of Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee would come and Decay said that they would be there as well.

Also, Matt Hardy said his toddler son King Maxwell would make his debut and Decay’s Rosemary will defend her TNA Knockouts title on the show as well. There is no word yet on when the Matt Hardy produced Total Non-Stop Deletion will air.

[Featured Image via TNA Impact Wrestling]