WWE Rumors: WWE Considering Fan Voting for WWE Hall of Fame Inductees

The WWE Hall of Fame has always been controversial. There are people in the WWE Hall of Fame that many fans don’t believe belong there, while there are many people who have been shunned for many years to fan disapproval. However, there might be changes coming. Forbes reported that a recent plan to add tiers to the WWE Network hinted that fans will get a chance to vote for the WWE Hall of Fame inductees in the future.

Most of the talk from when the WWE Network tiers rumors started involved the Plan 4 tier’s mention of allowing independent wrestling content. Many people assumed that meant the possibility of the WWE purchasing TNA Impact Wrestling’s tape library, as well as starting a working agreement with Ring of Honor wrestling.

Of course, it could also mean that the WWE could be showing things from organizations like Evolve, who they already have a working agreement with. Ring of Honor is a possibility, but the WWE would need to purchase the TNA Impact Wrestling library to use them, which The Inquisitr previously reported is a possibility.

However, the perks listed in the possible fourth tier of the WWE Network is interesting because of the possibility of fans voting for the WWE Hall of Fame inductees. Sports organizations like the NFL and MLB use the fans as part of their induction process.


However, fans will have to understand that they can’t just name anyone to the WWE Hall of Fame, and any voting will likely be between listed superstars predetermined by the WWE. While many fans want someone like Demolition in the WWE Hall of Fame, as they are suing the WWE in the concussion lawsuit, that is not likely to happen.

The WWE also wouldn’t want to have a year where The Rock and Undertaker are both inducted at the same time, keeping them separate for the opportunity to have two main event inductions. However, this does give fans a chance to get some names who have been overlooked into the WWE Hall of Fame.


When it comes to names that many fans always talk about regarding the WWE Hall of Fame, there are many names that pop up. Ravishing Rick Rude, Owen Hart, the Steiner Brothers, British Bulldogs, Kurt Angle, and more are possibilities for the WWE Hall of Fame. Diamond Dallas Page is another possibility that might get into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017.

Wrestling DVD Network reported that the WWE is working on a Diamond Dallas Page DVD, and it should come out right before the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. This makes it look like DDP will get in. If the WWE Network tiers rumors are true, fans might help more of their favorite stars get into the WWE Hall of Fame in the future.


However, one thing it won’t stop is the “undeserving” inductions that many internet wrestling fans complain about. There are way too many people who love the colorful stars that serious fans complain about. Having a fan vote won’t be the final vote on who gets into the WWE Hall of Fame, and names like Koko B. Ware will still get inducted.

Are you excited to possibly get a chance to vote for the WWE Hall of Fame stars? Who would you vote for if given the chance?

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