WWE News: Davey Boy Smith’s Son Wanted By Police After Attacking WWE Hall Of Fame Star

Two of the most popular WWE superstars of the ’80s and early ’90s was Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Davey Boy Smith. While Roberts was a perfect wrestling heel and one of the best promo men of his era, Davey Boy was a tag team specialist with the British Bulldogs, who then took on the […]

‘WWE Raw’ Champion Backstage At ‘SmackDown Live’ Tapings, According To ‘PWInsider’

The WWE is in the middle of their 2018 Superstar Shakeup, and tonight they conclude things on SmackDown Live. As the Inquisitr previously reported, 20 superstars from SmackDown went to Monday Night Raw last night, including Bobby Roode, Dolph Ziggler, and the United States Champion Jinder Mahal. The first wrestler introduced was Mahal, who came […]

WWE News: Bill Goldberg Reveals The One Star He Regrets Not Working With

Bill Goldberg was the headliner of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame induction class. Most of the promotion leading into the ceremony was about his work when he came to the WWE the second time and feuded with Brock Lesnar. However, much of Goldberg’s career success occurred before entering the WWE while working as the […]

WWE News: John Cena And Nikki Bella Split Up And End Engagement

For the last six years, two of the most prominent romantic relationships in the WWE involved the Bella Twins. While Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan married and had a child, the closest the Nikki Bella and John Cena came to tying the knot came when Cena proposed to her at WrestleMania 33. However, at WrestleMania […]

WWE Hall Of Fame Star Comes Out Of Retirement At Ring Of Honor Show

The 2018 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony took place last weekend before WrestleMania 34 and fans saw some huge names from the Attitude Era enter as part of the 2018 class. Names like Mark Henry, Ivory, Jeff Jarrett and the Dudley Boyz joined with names like ’80s superstar Hillbilly Jim and WCW star Bill Goldberg. […]

Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Talks Dez Bryant’s Replacement At Receiver

The Dallas Cowboys made a shocking move on Friday when they released their top wide receiver, Dez Bryant, instead of looking to trade the former star. As a result, the Cowboys have no clear number one receiver, and Bryant is angry and wants to join one of the Cowboys’ top rivals. Stuck in the middle […]

Conor McGregor Attacks UFC Fighters Outside Media Event

In what has to be shocking news for the UFC, Conor McGregor and his entourage caused a lot of damage outside of a UFC media event, and one UFC superstar ended up injured. The attack was caught on video (via TMZ) and showed McGregor and his friends attacking a UFC tour bus that held a […]

Dana White Gives Monster Update On Brock Lesnar WWE Status

There have been a ton of rumors about Brock Lesnar and his future in the WWE heading into WrestleMania 34. Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman both have their contracts expiring following the event and Heyman already told the New York Post that it might be Lesnar’s last match in the WWE for a while. […]

WWE News: The Real Reason The WWE Added Rusev To ‘WrestleMania 34’ Title Match, According To ‘PWInsider’

It seems that the WWE is starting to see some value in some mid-card wrestlers that they have ignored. One example is Elias Samson, who may not have a match at WrestleMania 34, but he looks like he will get a big spot on the show with a musical performance that might get him some […]

WWE News: The Real Reason The Attitude Era Would Never Work Today, According To John Cena

While most fans of the WWE today see John Cena as the kid-friendly, never say die superhero, he wasn’t always playing that role. When Cena first started to come into his own as a superstar, he came out to a rap song that he performed, wore a big chain and talked smack using rap as […]

WWE Spoilers: Former TNA Champion Backstage At ‘Monday Night Raw’

The WWE loves to keep surprise signings a huge secret. They have invited Chris Jericho to make a surprise appearance and kept him hidden in a trailer from everyone — including other WWE superstars. When Kevin Owens showed up on Monday Night Raw, he remained hidden from prying eyes and was a huge surprise. AJ […]

WWE News: Triple H Reveals The Real Reason The WWE Took So Long To Clear Daniel Bryan

The WWE officially cleared Daniel Bryan for a return to the wrestling ring, although the word is that the company will continue to do regular tests on Bryan after every match he wrestles. The problems are not like Edge’s, where a bad bump can cause paralysis. Instead, the issues are the concussions that Bryan suffered […]

WWE Finally Announces Hillbilly Jim’s WWE Hall Of Fame Inductor

One of the most controversial entrants into the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame is Hillbilly Jim. While the big country boy was hugely popular in the ’80s, he did little above the mid-card and was painted mostly as a Hulk Hogan fanboy who made it to the big time as a WWE superstar. As a […]

WWE News: The Real Reason Hulk Hogan Showed Up At A WWE Event This Week

Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest stars in WWE history. However, after a video hit online that had Hogan making racist comments about an associate of his daughter Brooke Hogan, the WWE immediately fired him and took drastic measures. The WWE removed almost all mention of him from their website, including removing his name […]

WWE Hall Of Fame Star Facing Up To Five Years In Prison

Through the ’90s, there wasn’t a bigger female star in the WWE than the Diva known as Sunny. For years, Tammy Sytch took the character and made her into a poster girl for WWE fans and one of the most successful professional wrestling “valets” of all time. She ended up as a 2011 WWE Hall […]

WWE News: The Real Reason Rey Mysterio Won’t Return For ‘WrestleMania 34’

There have been a lot of rumors circulating about Rey Mysterio since he appeared as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble match in January. Mysterio was rumored to be in discussions about a WWE return, signed up to work for a new upstart promotion in Nashville that he is also a partial owner of, […]

WWE News: The Real Reason Braun Strowman Still Has No Partner For ‘WrestleMania 34,’ According To ‘SI’

Braun Strowman was angry that he was not involved in a match at WrestleMania 34, so he took matters into his own hands. On an episode of Monday Night Raw, Strowman entered himself into a tag team battle royal where the winners got a shot at Sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw tag team titles. […]

WWE News: The Real Reason Ronda Rousey Finally Left The UFC

The rumors of Ronda Rousey joining the WWE has been around for over two years now. After Rousey joined The Rock in the ring to face off with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, most people figured that she would show up and end up in a match involving the two authority figures. However, it took […]

WWE News: Bill Goldberg WWE Hall Of Fame Inductor A Huge Surprise

Bill Goldberg is the headliner of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame class. It seems like the WWE only wants to focus on his stint in their promotion when it comes to how they are selling the induction. However, when it comes to Goldberg in the WWE, he feuded with very few people, including The […]

WWE News: The Real Reason Edge Will Never Return Like Daniel Bryan

When Daniel Bryan announced this week that the WWE had cleared him to return to the ring, fans rejoiced at the fact that one of the all-time greats was getting a chance to restart his career. Bryan, at one time, said that the WWE was never going to allow him to return to the ring, […]

WWE Provides Video Evidence That Matt Hardy Deleted Bray Wyatt

The WWE aired the much-anticipated Ultimate Deletion as the main event of Monday Night Raw this past week, and the match saw Woken Matt Hardy defeat Bray Wyatt at the Hardy Compound in North Carolina. The match ended with Wyatt thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation and never resurfacing. With Wyatt’s fate in doubt after […]

WWE Planning Documentary Over Huge Star Returning At WrestleMania 34, According To WON

When the WWE had Roman Reigns battle The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, it ended with Reigns standing tall as the victor and The Undertaker leaving with his hat, gloves, and coat lying in the middle of the ring. For all intents and purposes, it looked like The Undertaker was retiring from the WWE after the […]

WWE News: The Real Reason John Cena Called Out The Undertaker

The road to WrestleMania for John Cena has been a twisty one. He originally said that he wanted to win a shot at Brock Lesnar and the WWE Universal Championship but then lost in the Royal Rumble. He tried again, but Braun Strowman pinned him in the Elimination Chamber match. Cena then jumped to SmackDown […]

WWE Magazine Spoils Final Entrant Into 2018 WWE Hall of Fame

On Mondays during WrestleMania season, the WWE works with various news outlets and allows a different one to announce the new entrants into the WWE Hall of Fame. ESPN broke the news that Bill Goldberg was this year’s headliner. CBS Sports broke the news that the Dudley Boyz are entering this year. Billboard broke the […]

WWE News: Rey Mysterio Signs With A Different Wrestling Company

Rey Mysterio was in talks to make his WWE return after his surprise entrance in the 2018 Royal Rumble. However, Mysterio fell to an injury at an independent show, and his WWE future is in question. While New Japan Pro Wrestling is still advertising Rey for their upcoming show in California against Jushin “Thunder” Liger, […]

WWE News: Daniel Bryan Reveals The Real Reason He Isn’t Booked For WrestleMania 34

Daniel Bryan has been trying to work his way back into a wrestling role for two years now. However, there were unsubstantiated rumors a week ago that the WWE offered him a chance to get back into the ring for WrestleMania 34, but Bryan turned them down. The reason he rejected the return was that […]

WWE News: The Real Reason John Cena And Nikki Bella Have Not Gotten Married In A WWE Ring

John Cena and Nikki Bella teamed up together last year at WrestleMania 33 and beat The Miz and his wife Maryse in a mixed tag team match. Following the match, Cena dropped to a knee and asked Nikki if she would marry him and she said yes. Since that time, WWE fans have wondered when […]

WWE News: Rusev Fan Chat Shut Down Due To Ryback’s Trolling

Rusev decided to do a live chat with fans, where he would answer questions posed to him. As one of the surprisingly more popular stars in the WWE right now, it seemed like a good time for Rusev to continue to show fans how charismatic he is, despite limited time to do so on television. […]

Roman Reigns, John Cena, And Brock Lesnar Named In Jon Bravo Steroid Documentary

In an interesting turn of events, the steroid documentary that filmmaker Jon Bravo promised for Friday night named many WWE superstar names, but failed to provide any evidence against the biggest name he mentioned leading up to the release of the video: Roman Reigns. On Friday night, Bravo released a 21-minute documentary film titled The […]

WWE News: Roman Reigns Finally Responds To Steroid Ring Allegations

Roman Reigns has heard his name pop up in the worst possible way as he heads into WrestleMania 34 to wrestle Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship. While Reigns has grown used to hearing wrestling fans jeering him, both live at events and on social media, the recent problems surfacing surround something that could […]

WWE News: The Real Reason Batista Turned Down WWE Hall Of Fame Offer

It turns out that the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2018 almost had another entrant. Already filling up with names like Bill Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, the Dudley Boyz, and Ivory, it turns out that Dave Bautista, who wrestled in the WWE as Batista, was offered a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. However, […]

WWE News: Triple H Announces First Competitor For ‘WrestleMania 35’ In 2019

WrestleMania 34 is coming up quick, with the April 8 show in New Orleans capping off the official WWE year. However, the WWE took the time on Friday to talk about WrestleMania 35 next year, announcing that it will take place in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium on April 7, 2019. Not only did the […]

WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan’s Contract Contains Surprising Clause, According To ‘WON’

Daniel Bryan has about six months left on his WWE contract. According to recent reports, his contract will expire on Sept. 23 according Sportskeeda. That will be about a month after SummerSlam takes place and according to previous reports, Bryan has every intention of leaving the WWE when his contract expires since the WWE won’t […]

WWE News: WrestleMania 35 Location Officially Announced

The WWE still has a few weeks to go before WrestleMania 34 takes place in New Orleans on April 8, but the company is already making plans for WrestleMania 35 and announced the official location and the official logo for the event on Friday. According to the official website of the WWE, the WrestleMania 35 […]

WWE News: The Real Reason Ronda Rousey Missed ‘Monday Night Raw’

Ronda Rousey was supposed to be in every episode of WWE Monday Night Raw from the event after Elimination Chamber until WrestleMania 34. However, on a night where Roman Reigns called out Brock Lesnar for no-showing Monday Night Raw, Rousey was not at the show either. While many fans questioned the fact that Ronda was […]

Dallas Cowboys Lose Playmaking Linebacker In 2018 NFL Free Agency

The Dallas Cowboys had some tough decisions to make in the 2018 NFL free agent class. For one thing, they have to decide what to do with wide receiver Dez Bryant after the wideout has dropped in production since signing his new deal with the Cowboys. On the defensive side of the ball, Dallas had […]

NFL Free Agents: First 3 Quarterbacks In 2018 Free Agent Class Reach New Deals

NFL free agents officially start to sign their new deals on March 14 at 4 p.m. EST. However, all NFL teams had a chance to begin contacting and entering into contract negotiations with all players set to become unrestricted free agents on March 12. As a result, with more than 24 hours to go before […]

WWE Hall Of Fame Announces 2018 Celebrity Inductee

The WWE Hall of Fame has a “Celebrity Wing,” and while they didn’t have a celebrity inductee in 2017, they announced the 2018 celebrity inductee today via Billboard magazine. In 2017, the WWE was supposed to induct Shaquille O’Neal into the WWE Hall of Fame, which would then lead to his WrestleMania 33 match against […]

WWE News: The Real Reason Daniel Bryan Missed WWE ‘Fastlane’

When Daniel Bryan missed the WWE Fastlane pay-per-view last night, it seemed strange considering Bryan’s involvement in the storylines heading into the pay-per-view. In its breakdown of the Fastlane pay-per-view, Sports Illustrated pointed out that Bryan was “conspicuous” by his absence and pointed out a previous Sports Illustrated interview where Bryan said that if he […]

WWE News: Jeff Hardy Arrested For DWI In North Carolina

Jeff Hardy finally was cleared to return to the WWE and there were hopes that he might show up in time for WrestleMania 34. There are even some fans dreaming of a Jeff Hardy showing at the Ultimate Deletion match that they recently shot between Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt at Hardy’s home. However, […]

Richard Sherman Joins Seattle Seahawks’ Divisional Rival

When the Seattle Seahawks released All-Pro Richard Sherman, the cornerback said that the two sides spoke about the release and did it to help both him and his team. Sherman also left the door open to return to the Seahawks, as the team just wanted to free up some money when it comes to NFL […]

WWE News: John Cena Makes Shocking Statement About ‘WrestleMania 34’

WrestleMania 34. It started when Cena lost in the Royal Rumble, and his future at the event was in question. When Cena lost in the WWE Universal Championship match at Elimination Chamber, he came out on Monday Night Raw and said that he was going to SmackDown Live to try to earn a spot at […]

WWE News: The Real Reason John Cena Was Not On ‘SmackDown Live’ This Week

John Cena showed up last week on WWE Monday Night Raw and talked about how disappointed he is that the WWE won’t allow him to wrestle The Undertaker this year at WrestleMania 34. He then said that he was going to take his ball and leave, heading to SmackDown Live to try to force his […]

WWE News: Former World Champion Promises He Will Return For WrestleMania 34

WrestleMania 34 takes place on April 8, and for the second time in five years, it will originate from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. The promotion for the huge event is in full swing, with the news that Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle will team up to battle Stephanie McMahon and Triple H coming […]

WWE News: Huge Update On How Much Fans Will See Ronda Rousey Heading Into ‘WrestleMania 34’

When Ronda Rousey signed her contract to join the WWE, a lot of fans wondered if she would end up like Brock Lesnar — a part-time superstar who only showed up occasionally and then took extensive periods of time off. There were also questions about whether she would wrestle on television or just compete at […]

WWE News: Rey Mysterio Injured, WWE And NJPW Future In Doubt

Rey Mysterio made a hugely surprising and crowd-pleasing WWE return at the Royal Rumble in January. At the time, Mysterio had been talking to Impact Wrestling about joining the promotion, which also has Latino stars Konnan and Alberto Del Rio on the roster. However, the WWE appearance — in which Rey was one of the […]

WWE Rumors Concerning ‘WrestleMania 35’ Could Make The Event Historic

This year, the WWE seems intent on having Roman Reigns battle Brock Lesnar in the main event of WrestleMania 34. The company started out the plans one year ago when Paul Heyman planted the seeds and the company then went on Monday Night Raw this week and had Reigns cut a worked shoot promo against […]

WWE 2019 ‘Royal Rumble’ Betting Odds Are Out, And There Are Some Crazy Options

Often, WWE betting odds are very accurate because there are people inside the company, or those with insider knowledge, who place bets knowing what will happen on the upcoming pay-per-view events. The WWE betting odds the day of the show many times will reveal exactly who is going to win the matches, with the giant […]

WWE Receives Offer To Broadcast ‘Raw’ On Network TV For First Time In History

The WWE has performed Monday Night Raw for 25 years, but the show has always aired on basic cable networks. After starting out on the USA Network in 1993, it moved to TNN in 2000 and then back to the USA Network in 2005. However, the current WWE contract with NBCUniversal to air on the […]

WWE News: The Real Reason Why The WWE Is Concerned About Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns

The WWE is heading into WrestleMania 34 with Brock Lesnar defending his WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in the main event. The build to this match started on the Monday Night Raw following WrestleMania 33, where Paul Heyman said the match was the only one that made sense, as those were the only two […]