WWE News: Roman Reigns Set For One of Biggest Matches At ‘Hell In A Cell’

When the WWE tried to push Roman Reigns into the main event scene and make him the biggest face in the company, many fans revolted. While Roman Reigns did nothing to deserve the jeers, there were many fans who felt he had been handed his spot without earning it. The WWE listened and pushed him back down the card after the WWE brand split.

When the WWE announced that Roman Reigns was competing at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view inside the Hell in a Cell structure, it sent another message. There is a chance that Kevin Owens will defend his title against Seth Rollins inside the structure and there are also rumors that the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte women’s title match could also be inside the cell.

However, Sky Sports reported that the WWE made the Roman Reigns vs. Rusev match for the United States championship announcement before they made any other announcements. The Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins match should be the main event, but it isn’t being treated like the most important match on the Hell in a Cell show. That is Roman Reigns match right now.

Naysayers cam claim that this is just speculation, but there has been proof throughout the last two months that lays claim that Roman Reigns, and not Kevin Owens, is the face of the WWE Monday Night Raw brand.


When the WWE was going face-to-face against the first Presidential Debate, they put Roman Reigns vs. Rusev as the match that opened the show. Last night, when the WWE was competing against the second Presidential Debate, they put the WWE world title match as the opening match of the No Mercy pay-per-view. It was called the main event of the show despite going on first.

Add in the fact that even after getting knocked out of the WWE Universal Championship title picture, Roman Reigns was fighting in the main event of regular WWE Monday Night Raw episodes and even opened many of them while Kevin Owens, the Universal Champion, was sent out in the middle of shows.


As the Inquisitr previously reported, there is a push behind-the-scenes in the WWE to get Roman Reigns back into the Universal Championship title picture either by the Royal Rumble or in time for WrestleMania. That shouldn’t be hard to do either when it comes to the current booking.

After years of the United States championship getting ignored and often never defended on pay-per-view events, John Cena revitalized it and made it seem important again. With the foreign menace Rusev holding the title, it remained important. Now that Roman Reigns is the WWE United States Champion, it seems almost as important, if not more so, that the Universal Championship.


The Hell in a Cell pay-per-view might have three matches inside the chamber but that seems unlikely. If Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte is put inside the cell, there is a chance the Universal Championship match won’t be inside one. If that is the case, the United States championship match between Roman Reigns and Rusev will be seen as almost more important for the show.

The WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view takes place on Oct. 30 and will feature Roman Reigns and the rest of the stars of the WWE Monday Night Raw brand in action. Fans can view the event on the WWE Network.

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