WWE News: Dixie Carter Says She Won’t Let WWE Buy TNA Impact Wrestling

The news broke at the end of September that the WWE was interested in buying TNA Impact Wrestling. The idea was that the WWE could buy the TNA Impact Wrestling tape library and either shut the company down or allow Billy Corgan to keep the company opened under a newly branded name. However, WrestleZone reported that Dixie Carter met with TNA Impact Wrestling talent and said she would never let the WWE buy the company.

The original reports indicated that TNA Impact Wrestling had to sell because they couldn’t afford to hold their annual Bound for Glory pay-per-view or their next set of television tapings. Billy Corgan wanted to buy the company but neither happened with him nor the WWE. Corgan wasn’t at the Dixie Carter meeting but he did help run the shows, which took place as scheduled.


At TNA Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory, Bobby Lashley defended his TNA world title successfully and the Broken Hardy Boyz had another one of their interesting specialty matches, fighting Decay in a weapon-filled cage.

Not only did Bound for Glory happen without any further controversy, but TNA Impact Wrestling held their television tapings that will air through the end of the year. It was at one of these tapings that Dixie Carter met with the talent to discuss the WWE rumors.


The TNA Impact Wrestling television tapings also had a lot of interesting things happen that makes it look like the company won’t go quietly and might be preparing to continue on into the future. The biggest change was taking the world title off of the dominant Bobby Lashley and putting it on former Ring of Honor world champion Eddie Edwards.

TNA Impact Wrestling also saw the return of James Storm, who many people thought was headed back to WWE NXT, as well as the debut of Eddie Kingston, who was supposed to be heading to WWE for a tryout later this month. Those are two interesting returns in a time where TNA Impact Wrestling was supposedly for sale to the WWE.

These ideas of WWE buying TNA Impact Wrestling were legitimate too. Yahoo News reported that WWE Hall of Fame star Jim Ross said that he was told that there was a deal between the WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling for the tape library. Furthermore, Ric Flair said on his recent podcast that he feels Dixie Carter leaked the WWE interest to build up the price of her company.


TNA Impact Wrestling has been around for over a decade and was the home for current WWE world champion AJ Styles and former NXT champion Samoa Joe, two men who helped build the company. Along with Ring of Honor, which opened the same year in 2002, TNA Impact Wrestling helped to fill in the void left by the demise of WCW.

When the WWE rumors started that they wanted to buy the TNA Impact Wrestling tape library, it brought back memories of WWE buying WCW and then immediately shut them down. If the WWE buys TNA Impact Wrestling, the company is finished. That is not a good thing for professional wrestling and Dixie Carter claims she will never let that happen.

[Featured Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]