Infant On Runway At Phoenix Airport

KoKo Nicole Anderson was arrested in Phoenix on thursday after she crashed through a gate at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and drove with her infant on the runway. Anderson was arrested on charges of aggravated DUI and criminal damages. Police said that both Anderson and her infant were unharmed from the incident.

According to police spokesman Sgt.Trent Crump, Anderson slammed her car into a partially open gate at the airport around 10:00pm on Thursday evening. She immediately drove onto the runway. She was forced off the runway by police a few minutes later and arrested.

Police believe that Anderson had either willingly or unwillingly taken some mind impairing drug. They do not believe that Anderson was drunk at the time of the incident. An expert in drug diagnosis was called to the scene in order to assess what it was that Anderson was on. Police also said that Anderson was so intoxicated she was unaware her 2 month old infant was in the car. Phoenix police cannot recall any similar incidents where there was an infant on the runway.

The infant was not in any way in danger from the incident and was turned over to relatives shortly after his mother’s arrest.

Crump said of the incident:

“We don’t believe her intent was to harm here. We believe it’s impairment and poor decision making.”

Police are trying to determine how Anderson was able to make it so far with her car before being detained. Needless to say, a person being able to drive onto a runway raises serious concerns about airport security. This follows another scary security breach where recently a jet skier was able to breach airport security at JFK Airport in New York.

What do you think should be done to Anderson after she drove into and airport with her infant on the runway?

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