‘RHOA’ Kenya Moore Teases New Relationship, Or Matt Jordan Reconciliation

Is Kenya Moore in a new relationship? Or perhaps she and Matt Jordan have rekindled their relationship? The Real Housewives of Atlanta seems to want people to think either possibility, as in recent days, she has posted photos to her Instagram account that teases that she has someone special by her side.

On Wednesday, Kenya posted a photo of a breakfast plate consisting of crab cake eggs Benedict, bacon, spinach, and banana slices. She included the hashtag “#wifeyduties” in her photo caption, suggesting that she cooked the meal for a romantic partner.

Kenya’s hashtag received quite a bit of comments. One person expressed hope that Kenya wasn’t back with Matt.

“feelingsofgold: Hope it’s not Matt let him goooooo”

Another person told Kenya that Matt isn’t worth her performing “wifey duties.”

“d_realsilvie: Kenya please don’t do wifey duties for Matt please you deserve better than boy”

One person even described Matt as abusive.

“darlingkiki3: Please don’t go back to Matt, he’s clearly abusive”

Some people left comments criticizing Kenya for describing herself as a wife, pointing out that she’s not even married. Others wondered if Kenya got married in secret.

Another person gave the opinion that Kenya’s photo was simply meant to drum up press and speculation.

“realitytvaddiction: I’m not mad at her…she knows how to manipulate interest/press and she does it well.”

On Friday, Kenya followed up that post with a photo of a beautiful flower arrangement, consisting of white roses, that she received. Who was the sender? Kenya cryptically described the person as her “number one fan.” She added the heart emoji to her caption, suggesting that whoever sent her the flower arrangement is more than just a friend.

As with her previous photo, Kenya’s flower photo received a lot of comments speculating whether she was back with Matt or with someone new. Yet there were others who still remained skeptical, giving their opinion that Kenya brought the flowers herself and is just trying to drum up press for herself.

“junesquaredtoo2002: She bought them for herself ppl come on”

On Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan were shown in a loving relationship that was so serious that they discussed having a child together. Yet at the beginning of the current ninth season, Kenya revealed that she broke up with Matt after he displayed some jealous and aggressive behavior during a vacation together. Later episodes showed Kenya and Matt struggling with their relationship, with Kenya continuing to accuse Matt of violent and irrational behavior and Matt accusing Kenya of manipulating him.

Some scenes that aired this season seem to support Kenya’s claim regarding Matt. One scene showed Matt breaking Kenya’s garage door window. Another scene showed Matt hitting a driver as he tried to talk to Kenya, who was sitting in the car as a passenger, outside Peter Thomas’ party. The most recent episode showed Kenya finally deciding to completely break things off with Matt.

As the season aired, Matt went back and forth with his public comments about Kenya. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Matt, in December, 2016, stated that Kenya manipulated him and situations to make him look bad. Matt also accused the show of feeding viewers lies. Yet a month later, Matt said that Kenya “has a good heart” and that he actually wants to be friends with her. A few weeks after that, he accused her of having cheated on him with a married Nigerian man for money.

About six weeks ago, Matt indicated that he has truly moved on from Kenya. A viewer left a comment on his selfie telling him to move on from Kenya, whom the viewer described as a narcissist who will always play the victim, and that he shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for her to admit to her flaws. Matt replied that he doesn’t expect Kenya to admit to her flaws, and that he doesn’t even expect an apology from her, and that she has deeper issues than him.

“mattjordanbrand: @tantalizzzing no you are absolutely right and I will not hold my breath I won’t even expect an apology truthfully I was hoping one day I would get one but I understand her issues are a lot deeper than my the one thing I will always be able to do is admit when I’m wrong.”

Matt Jordan appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 reunion show, where he supported and defended Kenya Moore from some of her critics. The big question now is whether he will come face-to-face with Kenya at the upcoming Season 9 reunion show filming to address and answer questions regarding the relationship.

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