Democrat Trump Impeachment Talk Not About Politics But ‘Broken Laws’

Well before new POTUS Trump was sworn in, talk of impeachment was running rampant among some congressional democrat factions. Whether shock and disbelief at the shocking election upset Trump managed or simply fearful of losing their remaining semblance of political power, impeachment chatter was widespread before Inauguration Day. Now, just over a month into the controversial Trump regime, impeachment talk shows no sign of waning.

The talk of Trump impeachment has spawned a political action website,, which is led by anti-Trump activists. Their case for impeachment stems from alleged Trump Constitutional conflicts, namely undisclosed business interests and a refusal to fully divest from his global business empire while POTUS.

“As of January 20, 2017, President Trump’s refusal to divest from his business interests has placed him in direct violation of the US Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause and on a collision course with the Constitution’s Domestic Emoluments Clause and with the federal STOCK Act. The President must be held accountable under the law, through the impeachment process, for these serious violations and for this unprecedented level of corruption of the Oval Office.”

Additionally, a petition on has amassed over 227,000 signatures to kick of impeachment proceedings against the new president.

However, these efforts to impeach Trump are largely fueled by the support of the American voters. Unfortunately for Trump, it’s not just laypersons that want to see the new president forcibly removed from his new gig. And Democrats in the House and Senate are citing what they call Trump’s crimes and violations, violations that could (according to Trump opponents) be considered “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

According to Minnesota democratic representative Keith Ellison, Trump has been in violation of the law from day one, Fox News reported.

“I mean on day one he was in violation of the Emoluments Clause.”

According to said clause, “…no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.” The Minnesota lawmaker contends that because Trump has refused to enact a blind trust and has handed over his business interests to his kids, the potential of bribery (and therefore an underlying threat to the sovereignty of the U.S.) is very real with Trump at the helm.

According to some left-leaning legislators, Trump’s controversial and unprecedented business ties (coupled with his refusal to fully step away from his businesses) are unlawful, unconstitutional, and reason enough to toss around the idea of impeachment.

Democratic politicians are also citing the infamous alleged Trump-Russia ties that have dominated political headlines in recent weeks.

This President absolutely was in collusion with the Kremlin and Putin and Russia during the campaign. According to Maxine Waters, a democratic representative from California, the alleged connection between Trump and Russia should, alone, be enough of a catalyst for impeachment proceedings to begin.

“This President absolutely was in collusion with the Kremlin and Putin and Russia during the campaign.”

According to Republicans, no evidence of any such collusion even exists, and the idea is not the stuff that impeachment is made of. Rather, it’s so-called “fake news” based upon hearsay and unsubstantiated anonymous sources and leaks.

Indeed, most republicans in Congress have called talk of Trump impeachment purely partisan and politically-motivated.

As The Washington Free Beacon reports, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a California democrat, says Trump impeachment talk is not about political affiliation at all. Rather, while conceding that many a democrat is looking for a reason to move forward with impeachment, even listening to cases for the impeachment process, the issue isn’t about party lines. According to Pelosi, many on the Democratic ticket want to impeach Trump not because he’s a republican, but because he has broken (and continues to break) the law.

Democrat Pelosi addressed the reason behind the interest in impeaching Trump when asked why dems had not sought the impeachment of the last republican POTUS, George W. Bush.

“You don’t impeach somebody because you don’t like their policies. When they break the law, that’s when you have grounds for impeachment, Perhaps misrepresenting the American people could be cause for impeachment. If so, there’s plenty of grounds right now with the current president, but it just isn’t the case.”

Pelosi went on to add that Trump voters (overwhelmingly republican) may not be on board with the democratic push for impeachment not because of political affiliation, but because of their “not so great” judgement and inability to accept that they made a mistake.

“Many of the president’s supporters are just not ready to accept the fact that their judgment might not have been so great in voting for him, and by the time the case is made, perhaps they’ll be ready to accept that. It’s very hard, impeachment. It’s very hard.”

Regardless of whether it’s being done for political reasons or not, impeachment of any sitting POTUS requires a strong legal foundation. In addition, it impeachment requires the support of Congress. Unfortunately for any democrat who wants to see Trump stripped of his new title, they are in the minority in both the House and Senate.

The democratic Congressional minority is not a fact that was lost on Senator Ted Cruz and talk show host Mark Levin during last weekend’s CPAC Convention. Indeed, Levin brought up the political requirements in order to move ahead with a Trump impeachment.

“Do the Democrats understand that they need to control the House of Representatives to impeach somebody?”

Ted Cruz, a Texas republican and former Trump opponent, replied that he believes those who call themselves “democrat” may not be fully engaged in reality.

“The Democrats right now are living in an alternative universe.”

Despite the fact that republicans are largely discounting the democrat Trump impeachment talk, the movement doesn’t seem to be disappearing, and could prove to be a thorn in the side of the new POTUS as he attempts to roll out his agenda.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]