WWE News: Major Details Revealed For Seth Rollins’ Return During ‘Raw’ Tonight

During tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins will return to WWE television and address his injury status for Wrestlemania 33, which has been rumored for weeks. About a month ago, Triple H finally returned to Raw himself to explain why he betrayed Rollins back in July. Before Rollins could even get in the ring with HHH, Samoa Joe made his main roster debut, attacked, and severely injured Rollins’ knee.

Seth Rollins suffered a torn MCL and hasn’t been featured on WWE programming since. His Wrestlemania status has been unconfirmed as well. Apparently, WWE officials are still planning for Rollins to face HHH in Orlando. Initially, Seth was meant to face Samoa Joe at WWE FastLane on Sunday, but his injury forced WWE to call a few audibles to stall for time until WWE doctors could get a clear evaluation of his knee.

The timetable for a torn MCL is somewhere between six to eight weeks, which means that Seth is in serious danger of missing his second straight Wrestlemania. The best case scenario is Seth Rollins would be cleared for the event with WWE doctors only a few days before the grandest stage of them all. However, the WWE Universe won’t have to wait much longer because Rollins is making a major announcement on Raw tonight.

Seth Rollins Injury Has Changed Everything
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It’s been reported that Seth Rollins will be appearing on Raw tonight, and the assumption has been that he’ll finally be addressing his status for Wrestlemania 33. The latest injury update for him claimed that WWE doctors are claiming that he will not be able to compete, and WWE officials will be forced to cancel the feud between HHH and Rollins. However, some new details have been revealed for his return to WWE television.

According to a new report, Seth Rollins was only going to be featured in an interview segment with Michael Cole on Raw tonight. However, it’s confirmed that Rollins is actually in Green Bay for tonight’s show, so he could be appearing in front of the camera as well. It’s been reported that if Seth is coming to Raw with good news, WWE officials may keep him off WWE television until Wrestlemania for him to fully recover in time.

Obviously, Seth Rollins vs. Triple H is the plan until it’s confirmed that the former can’t compete. However, WWE officials do have a backup plan for The Game. Apparently, the next WWE Superstar to face Triple H would be Finn Balor, who is about to return from a severe injury himself very soon. It’s unclear how WWE would make that feud work, but WWE officials have a plan for the worst case scenario.

WWE Was Never Planning An Angle For Seth Rollins vs Triple H at Royal Rumble
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If the rivalry between Seth Rollins and Triple H is going to continue into Wrestlemania, the majority of the build will happen on the microphone. WWE officials may not have Rollins back on WWE television until the grandest stage of them all. The Game will have to carry the majority of the feud unless WWE officials change their minds and Rollins appears on Raw before Wrestlemania, which is necessary for at least one segment.

Since Seth Rollins will be in Green Bay, it’s possible that his in-ring confrontation with Triple H may happen during tonight’s show. In some ways, the tension would be even greater if the two men are finally in a WWE ring together, but the WWE Universe knows that Seth can’t get retribution until Wrestlemania. In fact, the injury could help build the rivalry if WWE officials are smart about how to book Seth while he’s in town.

Obviously, WWE officials want him recovering off the road if there’s still a chance that he could be ready for the grandest stage of them all. All it takes is one slight complication with his recovery for WWE to pull Seth from the card. The WWE Universe will be anxious to hear what Seth Rollins has to reveal tonight on Raw.

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