WWE News: Seth Rollins Announcing WWE Return On ‘Monday Night Raw’ Next Week

Seth Rollins will finally and officially address his injury status for Wrestlemania 33 during next week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, but the WWE Universe may not like what he’s ready to reveal. For roughly a month, Rollins’ status for Wrestlemania has been up in the air. The latest update claimed that he had a torn MCL in his knee and Rollins will be extremely lucky if he can compete on the grandest stage of them all.

The timetable for his WWE return is roughly six to eight weeks from the injury. Rollins was injured during the main event segment on Raw the night after the WWE Royal Rumble. Triple H returned and explained his betrayal of Seth Rollins, but an attack from Samoa Joe stopped the latter dead in his tracks from getting his hands on HHH. The segment left Rollins beaten down and injured, and he hasn’t been seen since then.

The Architect vs. The Game is still being planned for Wrestlemania 33, but Seth Rollins is in serious danger of missing his second straight Wrestlemania event. The belief is he will be able to compete in Orlando this April, but one thing goes wrong during his recovery, and he could easily miss Wrestlemania and force WWE officials to use their backup plans. Hideo Itami is a perfect example of a good talent being derailed by injury.

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If Seth Rollins isn’t able to compete on the grandest stage of them all, WWE’s backup plans for The Game’s feud heading into Wrestlemania could be Samoa Joe or even Finn Balor. HHH is insistent about wrestling in Orlando this year, so WWE officials will make sure Rollins is one-hundred percent healthy because they have backup plans if he can’t wrestle. Fortunately, it looks like Rollins will come to Raw with good news.

Seth Rollins is set to announce on Monday Night Raw next week that he will be wrestling HHH in Orlando at Wrestlemania 33. Nothing is confirmed until Rollins makes the announcement himself during the show next week, but the expectation is that Rollins vs. Triple H will move forward as planned for Wrestlemania, but the build is going to be very different than what WWE officials originally wanted for their rivalry.

Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins would have taken place at WWE FastLane if the latter hadn’t been injured. Seth will likely feud with Joe after Wrestlemania, but it’s very unlikely that WWE officials will let Rollins wrestle before the grandest stage of them all. The majority of the build between The Architect and The Game will be done on the microphone, which could build a lot more tension and suspense for their match in Orlando.

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Seth Rollins vs. HHH is about becoming “The Man” in WWE. It’s a classic saying in wrestling that, To be the man, you have to beat the man.” Triple H told the WWE Universe and proclaimed Rollins as the top guy in WWE, but Seth was always going to need to beat The Game one on one before he would have the WWE fans believing without a shadow of a doubt that he was the best wrestler in the world.

There is no question that Rollins will be getting the win over Triple H on the grandest stage of them all. The match also has the potential to steal the show in Orlando. Seth Rollins has gained a lot of sympathy from the WWE Universe due to the injury, which is going to make Seth’s return to WWE television next week on Raw a huge moment for his face run. Hopefully, that will carry him into Wrestlemania 33 and beyond.

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