Princess Beatrice Is Rumored To Be Tired Of Living In Kate Middleton’s Shadow

It appears that “blood princess” Beatrice has had enough. She seems to be tired of living in the shadow of her cousin William’s very popular wife, Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has become so popular that even BAFTA asked Prince William to leave her at home, as she would become a distraction from the other starlets. Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice wants her part of the royal family splendor and is angry at Kate Middleton for keeping her from getting the attention and privileges she believes she deserves.

According to New Idea Magazine, a source close to the situation says that as the granddaughter of the queen, Beatrice feels she is entitled to the very pleasures and royal benefits that Kate is currently luxuriating in. As the daughter of the second son, Beatrice has found that in recent years, her status in the royal family has diminished greatly, and she is not happy about it!

“She looks at Kate and she has everything that Beatrice is entitled to – the luxury clothes, cars, jewels, bodyguards, and is the darling of the royal family. Beatrice feels like she’s been cast aside.”

As the Daily Mail reported the words of a royal insider, this is the way of the world of the royal family. Whether it be Kate Middleton or another woman, whomever became the wife of Prince William was going to be showered with accolades, fine designer clothing and become the center of attention. Once Prince Harry marries, or if William and Kate have another child, the “blood princesses” Beatrice and Eugenie are going to continue to go further down the the royal list and firmly become lesser royals like their other cousins.

“Royalty is all about pecking order, often in a cruelly blunt sense, and it is Kate who has all the toys and the position.”

Yet, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Beatrice wishes for a change. She would like all of the “media attention and publicity” that Duchess Catherine gets daily.

And Kate surely get ample attention! Dubbed “The Kate Effect,” whenever Kate wears a gorgeous garment or even rocks a hairnet with her long chestnut hair pulled up, the press goes wild and those who want to emulate her rush to copy the identical look.

So is Kate Middleton, the person that Beatrice has focused all of her unhappiness on, the real culprit?

In fact, it is Prince Charles that has control of the purse strings. In recent years, he has tightened the royal family budget, which included streamlining the royal family. He realized that if there are endless royal faces at every event, the public would begin to tally up the numbers and question the expenses of the royal family and even the existence of the monarchy.

Besides that, Prince Charles is already not favored in the public eye. As Inquistr reported in August, more than half of all Britons would like to see the crown skip a generation after the death of Queen Elizabeth. They do not want to see Prince Charles become king but instead prefer Prince William, Charles’ eldest son, and Kate Middleton to become King and Queen of England.

Prince Charles must be more than painfully aware that his eldest is quite popular, and he must always be above scrutiny. This is why the heir to the British throne began the many serious cutbacks that specifically included the two “blood princesses” Beatrice and Eugenie, daughters of second son, Prince Andrew. This was not personal. This was business, as a royal expert explained.

“Their father sometimes takes up the cudgels on their behalf — for example, when they lost their paid-for royal protection officers. But while the Queen is too old to make a fuss or rock the boat, Charles remains determined to have a smaller task force, namely himself, his own offspring and their families.”

Beatrice’s father, Prince Andrew famously penned a letter to his mother, Queen Elizabeth, back in October, asking for royal privileges to be restored to his two daughters whom he labeled as “blood princesses,” which could have possibly been an intentional dig towards Kate Middleton, who has no royal blood in her family. The term “blood princesses” is used for a princess born royal as compared to one that has become royal because of a marriage, as in Kate’s case.

While the Queen of England seems to sympathize with her two granddaughters, nothing has changed. Most importantly, Prince Charles has not changed his mind. So instead, Kate Middleton has been the object of Beatrice’s ire.

What is perhaps behind some of Charles’ reluctance to reinstate Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice is Sarah Ferguson, mother to the “blood princesses.” The press had a field day with all of Fergie’s discretions. During her marriage to Andrew, Fergie was famously photographed with a man that was not her husband, Texan John Bryan, sucking her toe, while on holiday in the south of France. The couple was divorced not long after that.

About seven years ago, Fergie was caught on video in the cash for access scandal. She was filmed by an undercover reporter that posed as a businessperson willing to pay £500,000 to have an audience with Prince Andrew, her ex-husband. According to the Daily Mail, Fergie was taped explaining that she lived off of her daughter’s trust funds that were provided by the late Queen Mother, who also happened to be the previous Duchess of York, Sarah’s official title.

Fergie was not invited to William and Kate’s wedding, and it is reported that Beatrice is still bitter about this. Could she be blaming Kate? Possibly. But William’s father could equally be to blame as the Daily Mail reported that a source claims Prince Charles detests his ex-sister-in-law.

“He cannot stand even the mention of her name.”

But what was worse, was that Dave Clark, Beatrice’s long-time boyfriend, whom cousin William first introduced her to, was also not invited to the wedding. One source claims that it is because Wills does not like loud people. And there is nothing louder than an energetic American!

“William has the Spencer paranoia gene. Dave is a gregarious, chatty American and William is so private it hurts. He would accuse his dog of being indiscreet if it barked at someone else too often.”

Do you think that Princess Beatrice has a right to be angry at Kate Middleton? Do you think that her time is best spent arguing the point of her royal privilege or should she perhaps focus on getting her career moving forward? Do you think Prince Charles does not want to include his two nieces into the royal fold because he fears that their mother will be supported by the income and that she could possibly cause more negative press on the royals? Lots to dish here! Share your opinion below!

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