Will Kate Middleton Soon Be Queen? More Than Half Of Britons Want Prince William As Next King Instead of Father, Prince Charles

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have become such popular figures in Great Britain that in a recent poll, more people favored the accession to skip one generation, bypassing William’s father Prince Charles and instead making William and Kate King and Queen of England.

The Daily Mail reported that Opiniuim Research conducted the poll that revealed that 54 percent of all Britons believe Prince William should take over from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. This is one point greater than last year when 53 percent of all Britons favored William over Charles. Breaking down the figures, 47 percent of all men want William as the next king, while a whopping 60 percent of women polled prefer to see King William instead of King Charles. How many preferred to see William’s father as the next king? Only 25 percent of those polled wanted to see Charles as king.

Perhaps more startling is that Opiniuim reports that over two-thirds of all people polled want the monarchy preserved. When compared to the slightly higher ratio of voters who chose to leave the EU in the Brexit vote, this is an astounding vote of confidence for the royal family. This does go in line with public yearning to return Great Britain to its former glory.

James Crouch from Opiniuim indicated that despite recent turmoil in British politics that had David Cameron stepping down as Prime Minister, the British monarchy is still steadfast. Despite the surprise Brexit, he is quick to point out that the monarchy is still very strong.

“As we saw last year, the majority of us show an unwavering loyalty towards the monarchy. Perhaps it is unsurprising in light of the recent political instability that the nation remains wedded to its most enduring institution.”

The Daily Mail noticed that this poll was conducted after the recent thank-you notes sent to all of the Olympians by William, Harry and Kate and by the Queen, as previously reported by Inquisitr. These types of formal gestures acknowledging their appreciation for the hard work of each athlete does go a long way in the public eye.

This is not the first time that they have graciously thanked others. A few months ago, Inquisitr also reported that Kate and William sent out beautiful thank-you notes, along with a photo of the couple to all of those who sent congratulations on their fifth wedding anniversary. British photographer and royal follower Paul Ratcliffe caused quite the Twitter storm when he posted the photo and letter, along with the words, “Lovely thank you card received from TRH The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge for their 5th Wedding anniversary.”

There may be so much more than the formal and gracious appreciation of others. Prince William not only looks remarkably like his late mother Princess Diana, but has the same sort of public appeal. Like his mother, William has a vulnerability that that makes him so endearing. His empathy with others that he encounters is so human, unlike many of the standoffish royals of the past. His recent advice to a young boy that lost his mother brought out William’s frank confession that “I still miss my mother every day.” This revelation was absolutely heartbreaking and so real. People recently wrote that William and Kate are opening up in ways that the royals never have in the past and “taking on longstanding taboos about seeking help.”

Yet, while Kate and William are so very popular now, and the current polls show that the British believe that the monarchy helps increase tourism, Crouch does not believe that the royals should sit on their laurels.

“There might be serious debate around the monarchy’s place in future years, and the solid two-thirds opposed to a republic is not guaranteed to last forever. As it stands, however, Her Majesty and her family can comfortably expect to reign over us for many years to come.”

So will Kate Middleton become queen? If the public has its way and William becomes king next, then yes! Kate Middleton will become Queen Catherine.

Do you think that they should skip Prince Charles and let Prince William become king? Do you think that the British monarchy should still remain?

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