WWE News: Kevin Owens Disses Goldberg’s Part-Time Status Ahead Of ‘Fastlane’

WWE News: Kevin Owens Disses Goldberg’s Part-Time Status Ahead Of ‘Fastlane’

On March 5, Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg will be taking place at WWE’s Fastlane pay-per-view. This match will be for Owens’ Universal Championship, and a lot has been said about the match and what could happen in Monday Night RAW’s final pay-per-view before WrestleMania 33. But as we’ve seen in recent weeks, Owens and Goldberg have been saying a lot to each other on Twitter, including a new comment from “KO” regarding Goldberg’s part-time status in the WWE.

The Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg Twitter exchange heated up as Owens unleashed a brutal attack on erstwhile “best friend” Chris Jericho on the February 13 episode of Monday Night RAW. The setup to the attack – Jericho’s “Festival of Friendship” – has been described by many, including Paste, as one of the best angles in recent WWE history. And while it may have been an attempt to build up storyline animosity with his opponent at Fastlane 2017, Bill Goldberg was one of the few who wasn’t impressed, referring to Jericho and Owens as “morons.”

As you saw above, Owens was talking about the time Goldberg had cut a promo on Monday Night RAW with his forehead bleeding. The Inquisitr reported in January that this was due to the fact Bill had taken his pre-entrance ritual a bit too seriously, head-butting the door so hard that he accidentally cut his forehead, yet didn’t notice it as he made it to the ring. For younger WWE fans, this came about as rather odd, but as we had pointed out back then, it wasn’t unusual for Goldberg’s forehead to bleed as he headed out to the ring during his WCW days in the late-’90s and early-2000s.

Yesterday, things got heated once again between Kevin Owens and Goldberg, and it started in the afternoon when Goldberg tweeted that there are “approximately nine days, five hours, and four minutes” until Owens loses his Universal Championship at Fastlane. It took Owens over three hours to reply to the tweet, but when he did, he fired back with what one could possibly call an epic “burn” – a dig at Goldberg being a part-time performer.

“Good luck with that, man! Sorry I only just saw this now but I was busy wrestling at a live event in Germany like true @WWE Superstars do.”

For good measure, Owens concluded the exchange by referencing Goldberg’s inclusion in 2K Sports’ video game WWE 2K17, where he was notably advertised as a pre-order bonus character. As we can see on KO’s official Twitter account, the Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg verbal war appears to have quieted down for the meantime, with no new tweets posted since around 10:00 p.m. ET. of Friday.

Although it bears mentioning that the Twitter feud between both men is all part of their on-air rivalry, publications like Cageside Seats have brought up these exchanges as another example of why it’s never a good idea to start a Twitter argument with Kevin Owens. The same publication wrote in December about a well-documented time when the mother of a 7-year-old boy had taken to social media to complain about how Owens, who was in his heel character, made her son cry. The above tweet is just one of many sarcastic responses KO had fired off in reaction to the mother’s Facebook post.

Many have observed that Bill Goldberg has been thoroughly “owned” in his recent Twitter exchanges with his much younger Fastlane 2017 opponent. But only time will tell if the rumors ring true, and if Kevin Owens vs. Goldberg ends with the 50-year-old former WCW and WWE World Heavyweight Champion having the last laugh and winning the Universal Championship.

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