‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ Beta Servers Go Down For Maintenance During First Day

The open beta for Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands has seen something of a turbulent start in its first day. Whilst trying to access the open beta, players are coming up against a whole host of errors, hindering both solo and co-op play. Subsequently, publisher Ubisoft has taken the game offline twice for maintenance in less than 24 hours since going live.

According to VG247, many players are heading onto the Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta, only to be presented with an error message reading “ribera-1000b.” The error message doesn’t just halt players from heading online either, it makes the game unplayable for even solo play using AI co-op. As a result, in the less than 24 hours since the open beta went live, Ubisoft has taken servers offline twice for maintenance, on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, making no platform immune to the issue.

That being said, at the time of writing, it appears to be possible for users to bypass the “ribera-1000b” error message by port forwarding, if you don’t mind tinkering around that is. There’s a quick video to guide you through doing just that, right here. In terms of the various other issues being faced by users, according to Mic, restarting the game and deleting your save file, might be enough to fix the issue temporarily. Meanwhile, PC players can go one step further by changing the priority that their operating system awards to Wildlands.

As aforementioned, Ubisoft has already taken the game offline for two maintenance breaks in an attempt to fix the various issues plaguing the open beta. Thankfully, those maintenance breaks have been relatively short, taking between 15 minutes and an hour. Players are advised to keep an eye on the game’s official Twitter support for updates. Ubisoft definitely appears to be working quickly in order to ensure the beta is running smoothly again; however, downtime is no doubt damaging the game’s reputation ahead of release.


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Whilst the open beta offers an opportunity for players to try the game ahead of its release, it also provides a way for Ubisoft to stress test the back-end and make any tweaks before the game is released on March 7. With that in mind, technical hitches are only to be expected when it comes to an open beta.

The open beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands runs through until Monday, giving Ubisoft time to iron out the issues the game has faced in its first 24 hours. The publisher will be keen to ensure Wildlands doesn’t face the same issues as their recently released For Honor at launch. Despite being well received by critics, For Honor has been crippled by connectivity issues, which is largely thanks to its peer-to-peer networking solution. Because online games are hosted on each player’s connection, the game’s online mode has proven far from reliable.

The latest release in the Tom Clancy series of video games, Ghost Recon: Wildlands releases worldwide on March 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Developed by Ubisoft Paris, the tactical shooter will be the first game in the series to utilize an open world environment. Ubisoft has described it as one of the biggest open world games that they have ever published, with players able to explore a wide variety of environments such as mountains, forests, deserts and salt flats.

Whether or not a turbulent start for the game’s open beta will affect sales on March 7 remains to be seen. However, Ubisoft will want to overcome any teething issues as quickly as possible.

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