Profiles In ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Give Players Access To Powerful Passives

With the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda about a month away, BioWare is regularly releasing new gameplay videos. Weapons and skills were discussed in the first gameplay video and today’s video looks at profiles and squads in the next entry to the Mass Effect franchise. Profiles are a new way for the protagonist to specialize in combat, and squad members can be customized in their abilities to fill a specific role in battle.

Profiles are a new aspect coming to the game since the protagonist can use abilities in all three schools of abilities; combat, tech, and biotic. Instead of choosing one class that specializes in up to two of these options, Ryder can use abilities from all classes. Investing points in various abilities unlocks new profiles which improve the character’s prowess further.

How should the Pathfinder and squad handle a threat like this? [Image by BioWare]

As a player develops Ryder’s abilities and skills, seven profile options will unlock along the way as noted on the game’s official website. Those types are Solider, Engineer, Adept, Sentinel, Vanguard, Infiltrator, and Explorer. Several of those profile names will be familiar to Mass Effect veterans. Although players do not have to choose and stick to one class type, they have the option to select the perfect profile reminiscent of earlier titles.

Spending points to upgrade several tech abilities, for instance, will allow the player to use the Engineer profile. This profile buffs tech abilities and skills with increased tech construct damage, health, and health regeneration. Similarly, the Solider profile is unlocked by and useful to a protagonist with many combat abilities while the Adept profile is perfect for a player wielding mostly biotic skills. A player versed in all three types can choose the Explorer profile that improves weapon damage, damage resistance, and more.

“If you want to dabble in lots of different skills, try the Explorer profile. With this profile, you’ll be able to specialize in combat mixed with biotic and tech skills, while still getting access to perks and buffs that enhance your abilities.”

Players can equip three abilities and one profile at a time, but four favorites can be saved and accessed at any time. While in combat, the player can freely switch between four favorites each with three abilities and one profile. This allows players to access up to 12 abilities and four different profiles if they choose. For instance, a player could open with the Engineer favorite to place a turret on the battlefield then switch to a Solider favorite to lay down a Barricade for extra cover.

The Pathfinder is not locked into using any specific ability or weapon in Mass Effect: Andromeda [Image by BioWare]

Although squad members in Mass Effect: Andromeda are not as versatile as Ryder, they can still be customized somewhat. All six squad members have their own abilities and passives. These skills can be leveled up just like the Pathfinder’s, and the player can choose options within a skill’s tree to customize the squad member’s role in combat. For instance, the player can spend points in Cora’s Charge and Nova abilities to either use them a primer or a detonator in squad combos.

“Not only can you set your squad up around the battlefield, ordering them to defend locations, attack targets, or rally to your side, but you can also team up with them for devastating Power Combos.”

The latest gameplay video really focuses on the different profiles and the versatility of the favorites system in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Last week, BioWare detailed weapons and skills in combat further. Just like skills and abilities, the Pathfinder is not limited to the types of weapons available to him or her. For a closer look at combat, tech, and biotic skills, be sure to check out the weapon and skills video on the official site.

Mass Effect: Andromeda extends the universe and lore built in the original trilogy. Although players are no longer wandering the universe as Commander Shepard, the Pathfinder and squad in the latest entry continue the narrative established in the franchise. Players can pre-order the title now for a few bonuses like armor and a Nomad skin as reported by the Inquisitr. Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 21.

[Featured Image by BioWare]

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