‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall Spoilers: Final Rose Ceremony Brings Indecision, Meltdown

Nick Viall is trying to find love on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season this winter and viewers have seen him dealing with some complicated emotions as his journey plays out. He has questioned whether he can be successful in finding his future wife during this fourth stint with the franchise, although spoilers do detail that he does get a happy ending in the finale. Now new reports are emerging that there are more tears on the way and the buzz is that he struggles when it comes to that final rose ceremony. What’s the scoop?

Gossip guru Reality Steve has shared Bachelor spoilers for the 2017 season, and he has detailed how the rest of the eliminations go heading into the last moments ahead this winter. As viewers have seen, it’s now down to Raven Gates, Rachel Lindsay, Vanessa Grimaldi, and Corinne Olympios, and since Rachel will be the Bachelorette this spring, she obviously doesn’t snag that final rose.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers reveal that Nick Viall does get engaged to his pick, but he has also shared that the couple seems to be battling some difficult moments that are putting a strain on the relationship. He says that he’s hearing that the geographical distance they face is a challenge and that she is resistant to moving to Los Angeles where Nick currently lives. Of course, Viall isn’t looking to move away from California at this point either, so this could become a big issue, and it sounds as if this isn’t the only challenge they’re trying to work through.

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While viewers have watched Viall shed quite a few tears along the way this winter, Reality Steve’s spoilers revealed during filming that there was one clear frontrunner from early on and that bachelorette is said to get the final rose. However, Bachelor spoilers from Life & Style are detailing that Nick was struggling a great deal when he got to his last two remaining women, and he essentially had a full breakdown over the situation.

Sources claim that on the last day of filming, Nick was torn between the two women who remained and he supposedly ended up doing a pro and con list to help him decide between the two for that last rose. Viall allegedly told the producers that he felt as if he was in hell and he seemingly needed a lot of support and reassurances as he tried to make his decision.

The insider says that Viall took several breaks throughout the day of filming to talk with both producers and host Chris Harrison about his decision as he supposedly was in love with both ladies and was facing a lot of mixed emotions. This does seem to run somewhat contrary to the Bachelor spoilers that Reality Steve had been sharing at the time, although the gossip guru had said that the early frontrunner could end up falling to the wayside in the final dates and that kind of thing has happened before.

‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall reportedly had a full breakdown before handing out his last rose [Image by David Becker/Getty Images]

Will Nick and his lady manage to make it down the aisle? Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that the two remain together and engaged for now, and he does think they will still be together at the “After the Final Rose” special that airs after the finale. However, he doesn’t think that they will necessarily last long after the “ATFR.” Of course, Reality Steve typically doubts the potential for any “Bachelor Nation” couple to stay together for long, but there are some possible signs of trouble already swirling regarding this Season 21 pair.

Do you believe that Nick Viall falls in love with both women who make it to the final rose ceremony and that he struggled with his decision, or is this all just misdirection to keep fans in suspense? ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season continues with the Week 9 episode coming on Monday, February 27, the rest of the overnights and the “Women Tell All” airing on March 6, then the finale and “ATFR” broadcasting on March 13 and viewers cannot wait to see what twists and turns are on the way.

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