Who Is Vanessa Grimaldi Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Season With Nick Viall?

Vanessa Grimaldi is one of the bachelorettes hoping to earn Nick Viall’s final rose this winter on ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season. Fans have been quite interested to know more about this particular lady, and gossip guru Reality Steve teases that she is definitely one to watch in Season 21. What do viewers need to know about her?

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that Vanessa Grimaldi is from Montreal, Canada, and she is a special education teacher. She was 29-years-old as she prepared to film Season 21 with Nick Viall, and she has done a bit of work in the entertainment genre, although it would seem that she only dabbled in this a few years back and isn’t actively in the business now.

It appears that Grimaldi has an IMDb page with a few acting credits on it from a while back, and she did some YouTube videos a few years ago that were related to podcasts for the mobile game brand Gameloft. It doesn’t look like she has stuck with that kind of work in more recent times, however, seemingly focusing on her teaching career.


There is not a great deal known about Vanessa yet, as this Bachelor contender seems to have less of a social media presence than some other contestants. Those who want to learn more about her note that she has a natural beauty and seems to be friendly and articulate. Grimaldi certainly seems like she would be Viall’s type physically, but some would say that her passion for teaching in the field of special education helps her stand out a bit.

Grimaldi is Italian, but she seems to have an accent that is French-Italian, note some Bachelor spoiler folks in the Bach and Bachette Fans Forum. She does physically remind some people of Nick’s first franchise disappointment, Andi Dorfman, but it would appear that the two women are quite different in most other ways. More about Vanessa will emerge once ABC releases the official slate of bachelorettes for Viall’s upcoming season.


Life & Style shared some photos of Nick and Vanessa during a one-on-one date they had early on in the season, and the two definitely seemed to have a connection. During this individual date, Bachelor spoilers detail that Viall and Grimaldi had a Zero Gravity Experience at the Long Beach Airport in California. One person at the airport at the time noted that they looked very much in love, acting as if they were on their honeymoon. They apparently were kissing quite a bit, and given that this date took place after only about a week of filming, it certainly seems that Reality Steve’s spoilers about her being one to watch are likely accurate.

It sounds as if Nick and Vanessa’s date will air in Episode 3, and as Life & Style notes, that can be a significant spot for an individual date. In past seasons, Chris Soules had a one-on-one with Whitney Bischoff in that same show during his journey to find love, as did Ben Higgins with Lauren Bushnell. As franchise fans know, both Whitney and Lauren ended up with the final rose in their respective outings with the franchise. Bachelor spoilers regarding Viall’s final rose will emerge soon, and viewers are anxious to see if this Canadian beauty manages to keep Nick’s interest.

Could Vanessa Grimaldi be the bachelorette to snag Nick Viall’s final rose? Will the duo last, if indeed they end up together and possibly engaged, and will she be willing to move to California where he now resides? ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season premieres on January 2, and people cannot wait to get started with this one to see if the fourth time is the charm for this lead.

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