Dominican DJ, Radio Producer Shot And Killed During Live Facebook Stream [Video]

In-house studio cameras caught the final moments of a Dominican-born radio DJ before he was shot and killed by a gunman inside of a public mall.

Billboard reports that 103.5 HICC personality Luis Manuel Medina was one of three victims gunned down while in the middle of his daily program, Milenio Caliente, or Hot Millennium, on Valentine’s Day, February 14, in San Pedro de Macoris, Santo Domingo. Studio head Leonidas Martinez, who produced Medina’s show, was also killed during the shooting, while a third person, the studio secretary, managed to survive her injuries.

In a capture of the stream that is still being housed on Facebook’s servers, Medina is witnessed dictating the news to his audience when gunfire suddenly breaks out from outside of the glass-walled room that he was sitting in.

“Shots, shots, shots,” comes a female voice from out of the camera’s frame, rumored to be office assistant Dayaba Garcia, as the Dominican DJ’s eyes grow wide to what has been relayed by the Daily Mail as the moment Martinez was shot.

Please be advised that the following visual may be disturbing for some Inquisitr readers.

CNN explains that it was not unusual for clips from Martinez’s radio show to pop up automatically on his Facebook wall, which may lend reason as to why it has remained posted there since the gruesome event. Despite its dark content, however, followers of the late radio journalist have been expressing their condolences and prayers underneath the post.

“There is no word to describe the sadness that overwhelms the family and the people of San Pedro de Macoris for the murder of our people,” one fan expressed.

Radio DJ Luis Medina and his station producer, Leo Martinez, were gunned down during a live radio broadcast in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic, on February 14. [Image by Igor Pavelek/Flickr Creative Commons | Cropped and Resized/CC BY-SA 2.0]

The lone survivor of the shooting was purportedly transported to a nearby hospital to undergo emergency surgery for the injuries she incurred. There have been no further updates on Ms. Garcia’s prognosis, or comments regarding her possible witnessing of her boss or the Dominican DJ being shot.

Prosecutor Claudio Cordero relayed that members of the Santo Domingo public ministry have viewed tapes of security footage from other cameras that were inside of the studio. Albeit not directly confirmed, it stands to reason that unlike the Facebook Live stream — which Medina quickly cut off right before being fired upon — those devices may have caught the entirety of the carnage that befell the disc jockey and his coworkers.

Ana Daisy Guerrero, the president of the country’s broadcasters’ association, would go on to relay her dismay over the “news of this tragic event” in a statement, while attorney general Jean Rodriguez also offered sympathy to the victims in a message to the Spanish media.

“We deeply regret today’s events with the death of these communicators,” Mr. Rodriguez remarked in his native tongue, “a [condemning] and painful act that has appalled the Dominican society. The investigations are underway and we will seek with all the tools at our disposal to find the truth.”

Following the shooting, three men whom police considered suspects were apprehended for the crime.

Along with his daily DJ duties with 103.5 HICC, Medina; who leaves behind a widow and a young daughter, also lent his voice to the Estrellas Orientales baseball team as an official announcer. Teammates from the sports collective were among the first to confirm his death via the team’s official Twitter profile, as the Daily Mail report notes.

A New York Times article on the matter interjects that while such crimes are rare in the country, many journalists who work in Santo Domingo have been targeted with death threats by those who feel that certain topics, such as immigration and an alleged hostility between the government and Haitians, are best left untouched.

No word on if that aspect that was the motivation for the radio team being shot. Both the Dominican DJ and Martinez were laid to rest in the country on February 15.

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