Donald Trump Impeachment: With Each Passing Day More Americans Want Him Removed

Donald Trump impeachment activities gather additional momentum with his every action, and his tweets don’t do him any good either. According to the latest survey, the number of people in favor of his impeachment has increased vastly in the past two weeks.

It is less than a month since his inauguration, yet several petitions have already been filed demanding Donald Trump’s Impeachment. Recently, Congressman Jerrold Nadler, filed a “resolution of inquiry,” which can be considered as the first step in Trump’s impeachment.

Donald Trump Accuses Media of being rigged
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Donald Trump’s supporters believe that most impeachment actions are politically motivated. Trump also criticizes the media for being rigged. But, a recent survey had revealed what American people want.

More American Citizens Want Trump Impeached

Donald Trump’s impeachment support has gone up to 46 percent, which was at 35 percent two weeks ago. Similarly, his disapproval rating has also gone up to 53 percent from 44 percent in the same time span, as reported by Public Policy Polling.

It is understandable that Clinton supporters would want Donald Trump impeachment, but there has been a significant rise in those numbers too. It is worth noting that a considerable number of Americans (52/44) want Obama to re-take office.

According to a survey by Gallup, 57 percent of respondents believe that the world views America unfavorably whereas only 42 percent respondents think vice versa. Only 29 percent respondents believe that world leaders respect Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is delivering on his promises, but some of that seems to be going against him. There are several reasons that half the Americans support Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Top Reasons Americans Are Demanding Trump’s Impeachment

Ordinary American People don’t agree with Donald Trump’s travel ban. By a 48/43 spread, voters believe that the executive order is indeed, a Muslim ban. Only 22 percent voters support the ban as against 65 percent who oppose the ban.

Most Americans Oppose Travel Ban
More people want Donald Trump Impeachment because of his travel ban. [Image by Bebeto Matthews/AP Images]

66 Percent Americans think that America is already a safe country and only 23 percent consider it to be unsafe. Nearly 55 percent are opposed to imposing additional taxes on items imported from Mexico.

More people are supporting a Donald Trump impeachment because of his fight with the judiciary. Only 25 percent voters believe that Trump should have powers to overturn a judicial decision. 53 percent of voters trust Judges more to make the right decisions.

Voters have serious concerns with Trump’s business interest. 62 percent think that he should divest himself of his business interests, whereas 58 percent people want Trump to release his tax returns.

Donald Trump has already made headlines by antagonizing several countries. He is not in good books with China, Mexico, Australia, and of course the seven countries that faced the travel ban. He had even threatened to invade Mexico, a move supported by only 7 percent people.

Is Donald Trump Impeachment Legally Possible?

According to a few legal experts, President Donald Trump has already violated the U.S. Constitution. John Bonifaz, the president of Free Speech for People, and James C. Nelson, a former Montana Supreme Court judge, said that the Trump has already violated the first article of the constitution.

The fist article bans the holders of public office from receiving financial benefits from foreign governments. Trump’s businesses deal with a number of overseas companies and governments. As reported by Time, the legal experts added the following.

“The President’s possible conflicts of interest have become increasingly apparent.”

Donald Trump impeachment is also possible if it is proved that he is unfit to perform the duties of the President. He would lose Presidency with a timeframe of 21 days to prove otherwise and resume as the President.

With the “resolution of inquiry” that was filed recently, information will now be revealed on any criminal or counterintelligence investigation into Trump, his campaign associates, and any employee of the Executive Office of the President.

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