Andrew Cuomo Will Seek $30 Billion In Aid For Storm Relief

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will seek $30 billion in federal aid for storm relief to help with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy.

The federal aid will go to New York City and other areas of the state affected by the massive storm, which swept ashore on October 30, killing power to more than 8.5 million homes and businesses, reports The New York Times.

Cuomo made his case for the massive amount of federal aid, providing a staggering inventory of need as the city and state work to rebuild in the storm’s catastrophic wake.

They will ask for $3.5 billion to repair the area’s bridges, tunnels, and subway and commuter rail lines; $1.65 billion to rebuild homes and apartment buildings; $1 billion in reimbursements for local governments’ overtime costs of police, fire, and other emergency personnel; and finally several billion dollars in federal loans and grants to affected businesses.

The Huffington Post notes that Cuomo stated last week the storm will cost New York $33 billion, and he is counting on the Obama administration to reimburse many public costs of rebuilding from the devastating storm.

Cuomo officials outlined the plan to seek $30 billion in storm relief aid by providing an assessment of the economic toll of the storm in New York. Businesses across the state have lost more than $13 billion over forced closures, employees not being able to go to work, or damage to their property.

The move by Cuomo to seek storm relief aid comes as President Obama is scheduled to visit New York City on Thursday to view the recovery efforts and announce a rebuilding program for the region.