Donald Trump Twitter: POTUS Slams ‘Fake News’ Over Low Approval Rating [Opinion]

Donald Trump twitter attacks 'fake news' CNN, ABC, and NBC

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday to attack his low approval ratings. Rather than wonder why so many U.S. citizens are upset with the way Trump has started off his controversial presidency, the newly inaugurated POTUS has attacked major news networks CNN, ABC, and NBC, calling them “fake news.”

Apparently, 140 characters were not enough to finish his thought. Trump continued tweeting.

There has been quite a bit of controversy lately regarding Donald Trump’s slew of executive orders. The 45th POTUS has busily been signing off on some pretty heavy material, including a highly disputed immigration ban that singles out primarily Muslim countries in the name of keeping terrorists out. However, it ignored countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, where it has been documented that multiple terrorists have migrated from. Those countries also happen to be in Trump’s favor because, as he has previously stated, he does a lot of business with them.

One of the polls that Donald Trump called fake news was a CNN/ORC survey that came out on Sunday, the New York Daily News reports. According to the poll, 53 percent of Americans are opposed to Trump’s immigration ban and another 55 percent polled said they believe the ban was implemented to keep Muslims from entering the United States.

Also on Sunday, a request to reinstate Donald Trump’s immigration ban was denied in federal appeals court. This happened just hours after Trump’s administration filed a request for an emergency stay in an appeal against the U.S. District Judge’s decision to block the initial executive order.

Donald Trump also took aim at the New York Times on Twitter. Not long after Trump took aim at his abysmal polls, calling out CNN, ABC, and NBC for making his record-breaking low poll numbers public, the POTUS tweeted the following.

Now, let’s be real. If the New York Times or any other publication was actually making up stories about the president of the United States, not only would they be called out for their erroneous reporting, but they would also be at risk for lawsuits. Not to mention that Trump himself wanted to make it easier to sue publications for their “lies” about him during the 2016 presidential race. It is already possible to do that if the lies can be proved, but just calling something fake news and lies because you don’t like it does not make it lies or fake news.

It has been speculated that Donald Trump’s latest tweet aimed at the New York Times may have been in response to an article they published that reduced the current POTUS to a lonely man who wanders the White House and watches TV in his bathrobe. With First Lady Melania Trump in New York City with his son Barron, it does seem like a lonely existence for Trump, whose closest advisors include Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, and who has a reputation for not having close friends.

The shocking nature of the new Republican administration has caused a lot of commotion among Americans, who largely do not approve of what has been going on since inauguration day. That is reflected in the president’s approval ratings in polls conducted by major news networks. While Donald Trump and those who still support him are screaming “fake news” every time the actual news reports something they don’t like, that doesn’t change the fact that these same polls have been conducted regarding approval ratings for every president in recent history. The polls show that Donald Trump has earned the lowest approval rating for any new president by a large margin.

Many U.S. citizens are pushing back against Donald Trump’s executive orders and voicing their disapproval of the current POTUS through the polls, on social media, and through activism and protest. While Trump and the Republican administration may not like the feedback that they are getting it, it is not “fake news” no matter how many times Trump says it and tweets it.

It’s highly unusual for a United States President to use Twitter or any other social media platform in the way that Donald Trump has decided to use it. Shunning the official @POTUS Twitter handle, The Donald opted to keep his @realDonaldTrump Twitter instead and continues to tweet about everything that he doesn’t like, including his sinking poll numbers and the federal judges who stop the executive orders that they deem unconstitutional. There have been calls recently to relieve Donald Trump of his Twitter account for his own good.

Do you think Donald Trump should give up his personal Twitter account and let those who have government experience run his social media in a more professional way? Or is it better to let Trump keep his Twitter handle and reveal his insecurities to the world?

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