Showtime ‘Billions’ Season 2 Premiere Date #Billions Is Trending [Spoilers]

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Showtime’s hit series Billions Season 2 is coming back this month, on February 19, and fans are ready for the confrontation between Chuck Rhodes and Bobby (Axe) Axelrod right out of the gate.

The new trailer for Billions Season 2 teases not only one-on-one conflicts between the two men, but also rivalries between some of the other characters. In a recent panel discussion, Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti suggested that fans will also learn more about both Chuck Rhodes and Bobby Axelrod.

The Showtime series The Affair Season 3 just wrapped, leaving space in the schedule for Billions Season 2 to take its place, according to the Inquisitr. Like Billions, the more fans learn about the background of the characters in The Affair, the darker and more disturbing the drama gets. When Season 3 of The Affair wrapped, all of the relationships look incredibly damaged.

Recently, both Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis took part in a Television Critics Association panel discussion about Season 2 of Billions, along with Malin Ackerman and Maggie Siff, according to Indiewire. Giamatti described both his character and Season 2 of Billions by saying that the conflict will be less physical and brutal, and more cerebral.

“My character, and in some ways the show, is less Mussolini and more Machiavelli.”


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Damien Lewis agrees, and says that fans are in for a serious chess game for Season 2 of Billions.

“You see vulnerabilities in them. These vulnerabilities and frailties become burdensome in trying to win this game.”

The game, or showdown that Lewis and Giamatti speak of, is between Chuck Rhodes, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, an aggressive hedge fund manager who Rhodes suspects is dirty, and breaking all the rules to get to the top. But both men’s lives are intertwined (you will remember from Season 1 of Billions, that Chuck’s wife was working for and with Bobby as a therapist/advisor) and trust is critical in their home lives as well as work lives. Both men’s marriages have cracks that are starting to show publicly.

Cablefax was able to interview Brian Koppelman and David Levien, executive producers and creators of Billions, and learned what fans can expect. When asked about the moral ambiguity that runs through the show, and through all of the characters of Billions, Levien explains that even the “good guys” don’t really wear white hats, and that nothing in Billions is black and white.

“Going back to the beginning of the show, we thought that the obvious thing would be that the billionaire Wall Street guy would be greedy and bad, and the prosecutor is a white hat-wearing noble guy. But our experience with the world, it’s not like that.”

Koppelman agrees, saying that it wouldn’t be very interesting to watch the character in Billions who is supposed to be good, always do the right thing, and vice versa.

“These are complicated, ambitious people and that’s what we were interested in talking about. For us there are more questions than answers. We’re interested in why people like this are the way they are, and by having them do certain behaviors, we get to explore it from a place if curiosity as opposed to a place of judgment.”

One of the great juxtapositions of Billions is the way the character of Bobby Axelrod, the “greedy” Wall Street guy, is written in such a way that the audience actually roots for him.

Are you already a fan of Billions? Will you watch Billions Season 2 when it premieres on February 19?

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