Season 2 Of ‘The Affair’ Will Be Even Darker [Spoilers]

Amy Feinstein - Author

Oct. 4 2015, Updated 5:43 p.m. ET

It seems nothing on television right now is combining psychological thriller with infidelity better than Showtime’s The Affair, and season 2 is just about ready to launch.

Hopefully, the new season will finally answer some questions, rather than just leaving fans with more question marks when it comes to what happened, who did it, and who do the police think did it of the crime that was suggested in the first season of the new Showtime series.

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The new season begins with more “he said, she said,” going over the same time frame with the perspectives of Noah, his soon to be ex-wife, Helen, and Allison, his mistress. In addition to the day-to-day, we get glimpses of the police investigation, and it seems the police have Noah in their crosshairs.

Bustle is reporting that though the show might seem slow, a lot happened over the first 10 episodes of the first season.

“The show raises many thought-provoking questions about how reliable our own memories are, and why we may subconsciously choose to recall events in a certain way. And these questions became increasingly important to the plot as the season went on, and we learned Noah was being investigated for murder.”

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And then there are those additional questions that popped up at the end of the last season.

“Did Noah really kill Scotty or is he covering for someone? Can Alison actually be trusted? Season 2 will include the perspectives of Helen and Cole — and will hopefully answer all our remaining questions about what really happened to Scotty and why.”

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But it seems The Affair is more than just another sexy Showtime series according to Salon.

“This is exacerbated by the storytelling problems of the show, which splits each episode into two halves, and then tells the same events from the point of view of another character. In the first season, those perspectives were split between Noah and Alison, and took place almost entirely in Montauk over one summer. In the second, Noah and Alison have moved to Cold Spring, on the Hudson Valley, while Noah and Helen negotiate the terms of their divorce.”

The Wall Street Journal is intrigued by the combination of an actual affair and crime, and could this all really happen to a normal person?

“It’s up to us to piece together what happened. After the summer ends and the Solloways return to Brooklyn, Noah and Alison’s relationship remains complicated, despite each character eventually revealing their infidelity to their spouses. Both families are intertwined even further when Noah discovers his spoiled brat of a teenage daughter, Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles), is pregnant by the much-older Scotty Lockhart. Noah physically assaults Scotty at a Planned Parenthood clinic.”

Season 2 will have a lot more to do with Noah’s new life and police procedure if episode 1 is any indication. Though Allison seems more sophisticated, and living in a much fancier place, old crimes will come back to haunt them. Couple that with the release of Noah’s new book, outlining the crime in question, and a whole lot of trouble should be stirred up for the rest of season 2.

Fans of season 1 should get the answers they are seeking, but as Noah’s first marriage continues to unravel, life continues to get more complicated.

Will you be watching season 2 of The Affair?

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