Porsha Williams On Phaedra Parks Friendship, Shamea Morton Thanks Kandi Burruss While Putting Phaedra On Blast

Are Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks still good friends? What about Porsha and Shamea Morton? The latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode that aired on Sunday night showed Porsha and Phaedra experiencing a bit of a hiccup in their friendship, due to Porsha feeling as if Phaedra didn’t have her back when the other women questioned her about her anger management. Meanwhile, another friendship was tested. Shamea questioned Porsha’s friendship when she failed to show up to her engagement party. Not only that, but Shamea heard at the party, which was actually thrown by Porsha’s enemy Kandi Burruss, that Porsha failed to defend her when Phaedra basically said that she was a promiscuous woman who had sex with other women’s husbands. Shamea warned Porsha after the party to not trust Phaedra, telling her that Phaedra gossiped negatively about her behind her back. Since the airing of the episode, both Porsha and Shamea have spoken out about their friendships.

On Tuesday, Porsha made it clear that despite what happened during filming, she and Phaedra are still good friends. Apparently, Porsha doesn’t believe that anything can tear the friendship apart. In response to a viewer who tweeted that it seems as if the other women are jealous of Porsha and Phaedra’s friendship and are trying to break them up, Porsha replied, “never that.” She included the two girls dancing emoji in apparent reference to herself and Phaedra.


Phaedra seems to feel the same way. In response to a viewer who tweeted to Phaedra that she and Porsha are her favorite women on the show, Phaedra said that she loves Porsha. Porsha and Phaedra affectionately refer to themselves as “Frick and Frack,” with Porsha being “Frick” and Phaedra being “Frack.”


While Porsha has spoken out about her friendship with Phaedra, the same can’t be said regrading her friendship with Shamea, a “friend” of the housewives who was introduced to viewers on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 as one of Porsha’s good friends. In fact, Porsha has been noticeably silent on social media regarding where she stands with Shamea. Shamea hasn’t shown up in any of Porsha’s social media posts in a while.

Shamea Morton, however, has spoken up to thank one of the housewives, not Porsha Williams, but Porsha’s enemy, Kandi Burruss. As viewers saw on the latest episode, it was Kandi, not Porsha, who threw Shamea a big party in celebration of her engagement. Shamea put up an Instagram post that thanked Kandi for throwing her the party. In her caption, Shamea pointedly wrote that she was blessed to have some of her closest friends there to support her.

Shamea also put up an Instagram post that went after Phaedra Parks. Prior to the episode airing, Shamea teased that people wouldn’t want to miss watching it. She shared a preview video of the upcoming episode compiled by a blogger. The clip not only previewed what viewers were going to see go down at Shamea’s engagement party, namely that Sheree Whitfield tells Shamea that Phaedra said that she “f**ked” everyone’s husbands in Atlanta” and Shamea’s retort that Phaedra performs oral sex on lots of men, but also gave a flashback scene of previous housewife NeNe Leakes pretty much saying the same thing in a previous season. In Season 6, NeNe, who went to the same high school as Phaedra, talked about how people used to refer to Phaedra as a “head doctor.”

“In my opinion, I took it as not as a brain surgeon but as a dick surgeon [laughs].”

In the video, the blogger concludes that “everybody knows, when there’s smoke, there has to be fire right?”

It seems that Shamea shared the blogger’s video as a way to back up what she claimed regarding Phaedra during her engagement party.

In a previous episode, during a meeting between Sheree, Porsha, and Phaedra, Porsha admitted that Shamea told her that Phaedra once tried to get with her then-husband. Phaedra quickly retorted that Shamea’s the one who’s after people’s husbands.

“Shamea’s sleeping with everybody’s husbands but who’s talking about that?”

Phaedra went on to pretty much claim that Shamea has sexual relations not only with Kandi but also with Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker. When Sheree asked Porsha if it was true, Porsha didn’t deny it. Rather, she nodded her head and agreed that Shamea’s “reaaally close” to both Kandi and Todd. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after that episode aired, Shamea lashed out at Porsha via an Instagram post, voicing her displeasure that someone who was supposedly her best friend co-signed a lie about her.

On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Shamea got back at Phaedra. When Sheree told Shamea at her engagement party that Phaedra said that she “f**ked” everyone’s husbands in Atlanta, Shamea brought up that “the word was very heavy on the streets about Ms. Parks.” When Sheree asked what people were saying, Shamea mimicked performing a blow job. Kandi laughed upon hearing and seeing Shamea’s claim regarding her former friend.

As viewers saw, one of the people who wasn’t there to help celebrate Shamea’s engagement was Porsha. When Shamea later confronted Porsha about not being there, Porsha said that she didn’t go since it was hosted by Kandi and she felt as if she would be ambushed there, in light of her recent tension with Kandi. Knowing that Porsha was getting increasingly close to Phaedra, Shamea warned Porsha to be careful with Phaedra.

“Phaedra used to talk so much s**t about you. Be careful with your new friend.”

Porsha had already felt misgivings about her friendship with Phaedra, who was getting closer to Porsha’s other enemy, Kenya Moore. During a therapy session, Porsha admitted that she didn’t feel as if Phaedra defended her when the other women questioned her anger management work.

“You know I had a friend there, which was Phaedra. When I was sitting at that table, I couldn’t hear my friend saying anything that necessarily felt like I had a strong back right then.”

Judging from Porsha Williams’ and Phaedra Parks’ recent tweets and Instagram photos of one another, however, it seems that Porsha has decided to trust Phaedra over Shamea Morton’s warnings. Shamea, meanwhile, judging by her recent Instagram posts that lashed out at Porsha and thanked Kandi Burruss, has perhaps decided that it’s Porsha who can’t be trusted and it’s Kandi who’s the real friend to her.

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