Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts: Many Still Without Power In New York, Full Recovery Could Take Years

Hurricane Sandy relief efforts are failing to reach many areas of New York, leaving residents stranded without power and growing increasingly frustrated at agencies not able to help.

As CNN reported, Rockaway Peninsula residents are still in the dark 11 days after Hurricane Sandy made landfall. Many of these resident have sought emergency shelter and waited in long lines for gas.

Rockaway Peninsula is one of many areas yet to see full relief efforts from Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter that his this week. In Long Island, residents of Oceanside reportedly booed local and federal offiicials who visited to update them on power restoration.

At supply depots in Far Rockaway, Queens, fistfights reportedly broke out at relief supply depots as the snow began to fall.


The failure of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts had led to a rise of grassroots activism. Occupy Sandy, an offshoot of last year’s Occupy Wall Street movement, have organized several relief drives using social media.

While most people affected by Hurricane Sandy have regained power, organizations are still grappling with the sheer size of the relief efforts. As The Associated Press reported, Hurricane Sandy relief efforts are expected to be the largest since Hurricane Katrina. The Red Cross reported that it had raised $117 million in donations and pledges, while the Salvation Army raised $5 million.

Power is expected to be restored to the remaining residents within the near future, but longer-term Hurricane Sandy relief could stretch on for years. As the Star-Ledger reported, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said recovery in the hardest-hit areas, including the Jersey Shore, could take years.