Warren Jeffs’ Escaped Child Bride In ‘Sex Therapy’ And Wants To Save Children From FLDS Church

Warren Jeffs’ child bride Briell Decker recently came forward to share her harrowing experience. The young woman is still in sex therapy attempting to heal from the horror she endured, but she still wants to help others and work to save children from the FLDS church.

Briell Decker told Radar Online that she was so traumatized after escaping her life as the child bride of the FLDS cult leader, that she is still involved in intensive sex therapy.

The young bride of Warren Jeffs fled the cult in the middle of the night in nothing but a “tiny, dirty FLDS dress.”

warren jeffs underage bride sex therapy

Decker’s experience living with the child rapist would scar her for her entire life.

“I have to go to sex therapy.

“My belief system was so messed up. I thought sex was bad. It had such an impact on my mind.”

The woman recalled how she was made to wear long, pastel dresses at all times while living as a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Decker said that she feared she would never escape from the cult.

Briell Decker and the other children living in the sect were forced to “suffer for 18 years.”

One of Warren Jeffs’ most notorious rules originated when he was on the run from the law— children were no longer living with their parents as he ordered families to be split up as a manipulative and controlling move.

“There are so many children that are traumatized by Warren Jeffs and his rules.

“They are so scared but they don’t have an exit.”

The young bride also claimed that she was drugged while being moved around between secret houses where she was being held. Coming off of drugs was not easy for the young woman to deal with.

warren jeffs underage bride sex therapy

Warren Jeffs was convicted of child rape in 2011, and was sentenced to over 300 years behind bars. Decker recalled that she knew something was off about him from the moment she met him.

She described him as “creepy” and said that eventually, she learned to “decode” what he said and was able to use it against him.

“I used his scripture quotes to save myself.”

Although Jeffs is now in prison for life, Decker says that he still haunts her life.

“He was creepy and I didn’t think he thought the same way I did.

“So I learned to decode what he said and used it against him. I used his scripture quotes to save myself.”

Warren Jeffs had 79 wives and Decker has been one of only a few that have managed to escape the FLDS cult. Decker claims that another woman who was a wife of Jeffs got out, but she is “not doing that well.” She even said that the other woman is unable to speak at times due to her traumatizing experience.

Years after her escape, Decker has been able to talk about her horrible experience and begin to heal from the damage that was done. The young woman was able to find love again, and is engaged to a friendly and loving man.

Now Decker wants to help others who are in similar situations.

“I want everyone to have the same thing I have now. I don’t care about the leaders of the church. I care about the kids and I want to save them.”

Jeffs’ former bride said that her main goal is to go to Texas and work with the prison officials who are housing the child rapist. The woman claims that Jeffs uses completely different vocabulary with the people who visit him. She said that she can decipher what he is saying and prevent him from hurting anyone else.

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