Despite Reports Katie Holmes Is Not Outraged About E! Series ‘The Arrangement’ [Debunked]

Katie Holmes’ marriage to Tom Cruise certainly was something that stirred up rumors and claims, involving a supposed contract that the actress was to sign and the demise of the marriage being linked to Cruise’s involvement with the controversial organization the Church of Scientology. An E! series that is to air this month, The Arrangement, seems to be very closely connected to aspects of the marriage between the Top Gun actor and the Dawson’s Creek actress.

A recent report claims that, despite the creator of the show insisting that the series was in no way connected to the famous former A-list couple, Holmes was still a bit miffed about the basis of the show being so close to aspects of her marriage to Cruise and the painful memories they stir up. Celebrity Dirty Laundry is the culprit in relaying this false claim, as Gossip Cop notes.

Celeb Dirty Laundry is now claiming Holmes is ‘outraged’ by the series.’Katie Holmes Outraged Over New E! Drama Inspired By Her Real-Life Tom Cruise Marriage And Scientology Hell?’blares the site’s headline. Without a single source to back up its bogus claim, the outlet adds that Holmes ‘doesn’t want to see a scripted version of [her past] on television.’”

However, Gossip Cop has made a point of taking the topic directly to a rep for the star and discovered that Holmes is not upset in the slightest. Claims about Katie’s “outrage” are entirely “not true,” the rep states.

As stated, the show’s creator, Jonathan Abrahams, spoke in an interview with BuzzFeed about the controversy that had stemmed when comparison’s were drawn between his show’s plot and the marriage between Cruise and Holmes. Abrahams simply stated that he is cannot let fear of these comparisons keep him from moving ahead with his work which was in no way based on Katie and Tom. Refinery 29 shares Abrahams’ words when asked about the subject.

“‘I totally understand why people think that considering the rumors we’ve heard,’ Abrahams said. Those rumors being that Holmes was hired to play Cruises’ girlfriend IRL by his Scientology cohorts in order to add a little salt to his image. ‘I know people are going to draw these comparisons but I’m not going to create story based on my fear of that or try to encourage that,’ Abrahams said. ‘I am not in the business of doing an exposé. I’ll leave that to others who are doing it probably much better than I can.’”

The creator of the show discussed the plot of the series which is about a young female actress who is trying to make it big and who falls in love with a “motorcycle-riding” star, which immediately draws comparison to Cruise in Top Gun and Mission Impossible. Things get complicated when Christine discovers that Kyle is involved with a mysterious organization. A proposal also means that a contract is to be signed and the leader of the organization is determined to hold a certain amount of power over the couple.

It’s therefore not difficult to see the similarities between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ marriage and this particular plot. Yet despite this, The Arrangement is not based on their life, and Katie is not outraged by such similarities. Holmes has enough to keep her busy and focused on such as her own career which is on fire right now seeing as she has taken on the role of director recently and is doing a remarkable job acting as Jackie Kennedy in Kennedys: After Camelot. The actress also ensures to be a hands-on mom to her daughter Suri Cruise, whom Katie shares with Tom Cruise.

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