Sarah Palin’s Son’s Baby Mama Claims Track Palin Said ‘He Was Going To Put A Bullet Through My Head’

Sarah Palin’s oldest son, Track Palin, was taken to court by his second baby mama, seeking a restraining order. Jordan Loewe says that Palin threatened to kill her. She has filed for custody of the couple’s son, saying that she is concerned “about her safety, and the safety of her children.” Track Palin had been previously arrested for assaulting Loewe, and brandishing a firearm when the police came to where he was staying with his mother, Sarah Palin, following a 911 call.

After being arrested for assaulting Loewe, Track Palin, he was charged with domestic violence, Palin went to court, where his mother, Sarah Palin, testified he was suffering from PTSD for his time in the military, and was able to make a deal getting treatment and therapy instead of going to jail, said the Inquisitr. What Palin did not mention was that Track Palin never saw any combat in his time with the Marines. At the time of the assault, Palin was reportedly intoxicated and had a full stash of firearms.

Jordan Loewe is seeking custody of her infant son Charlie, and is trying to keep Track Palin’s access to their son to a minimum, says Radar Online. Loewe says she is very concerned with her safety and Charlie’s safety at the hands on Palin. Loewe is also seeking a restraining order, to keep Track Palin as far away from her as possible. Charlie is Track Palin’s second child. He has a daughter with his ex-wife, but has lost overnight visitation with her too, and only is able to see her a few days each month.


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Loewe says that despite being found guilty of domestic violence, and starting treatment, the violence continued, and she gave testimony to that effect.

“I had brought my son over to visit Track and we started arguing and Track pushed me against the wall while I had our 3 month old son in my arms.”

Loewe says that Track Palin continued in an aggressive demeanor.

“He put his hand on my head and squeezed as hard as he could while our son was in the room. He also hawked a giant ball of spit in my face.”

Loewe says that she has witnesses to the violence, and of Palin threatening to kill her and others.

“Track had our son for a couple of hours, then asked me to come get him. When I was on my way he found out I was bringing a girlfriend of mine so there was a third party there – He got angry and told me he was going to ‘put a bullet through my head’ and put us both in the ground.”

Jordan Loewe claims that these incidents were not isolated, and despite getting treatment for the attack on her earlier in the year. Loewe claims that Track Palin tried to run her off the road when she had baby Charlie in the car.

“I had my son in my car driving off his property, and he threw rocks at my car, then got in his truck and followed me. He was driving recklessly trying to run me off the road – almost causing an accident multiple times.”

Loewe had photos of hand-shaped marks on her face, and she was granted a twenty-day restraining order, and is now seeking a longer termed one, and wants it to include their son, Charlie Palin, who just turned four months old. Track Palin’s other child, Kyla Grace Palin is four years old. Palin’s custody of Kyla has been greatly reduced, and Jordan Loewe is hoping to eliminate Palin’s visitation of Charlie entirely.

The Daily Mail confirms that Jordan Loewe has received a temporary order of protection against Track Palin, and for the length of the order, he cannot see their son.

Do you think that Track Palin is going to be banned from seeing his second child?

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