Nick Viall ‘Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Episode 4 Brings More Drama With Corinne Olympios As Wisconsin Dates Spark Confrontations

Another juicy episode from ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season is on the way, and spoilers hint at more chaos related to one of Nick Viall’s bachelorettes in particular: Corinne Olympios. Her assertive behavior thus far has already generated a lot of buzz, and from the sounds of the latest teasers, things are only going to get crazier. What can everybody expect from Episode 4 coming up on Monday, January 23?

Fans were left hanging once again at the end of Episode 3, with Vanessa Grimaldi confronting Nick Viall over his behavior with Corinne Olympios. ABC teases Bachelor spoilers detailing that this conversation will get a bit intense, but things will progress without all that much fanfare to the next rose ceremony, where Christen Whitney and Brittany Farrar are sent home.

Viall and his remaining ladies will head to Waukesha, Wisconsin, for the next round of dates, and Bachelor spoilers detail that there are three outings ahead during this next show. Gossip guru Reality Steve shares that Danielle Lombard gets the first one-on-one for Episode 4 and will stroll around town with Nick. They will run into a former girlfriend of his, and they’ll later attend a concert by country singer Chris Lane. Danielle does get the rose.

The group date will take 13 ladies and Viall to a dairy farm, where they have to throw themselves into some messy work. Bachelor spoilers share that one of the women will be pretty put out by what the date involves, and things will get intense at the after-party. Reality Steve indicates that Vanessa will do diss Danielle, saying that she’s fake, and Kristina gets the group date rose.

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Which bachelorette has a rather bad attitude about this outing? Based on Bachelor spoilers from People, it seems that it’s none other than Corinne. Olympios clearly is not a fan of farm-related manual labor, and it appears that she will segregate herself from the others and blow off some of the tasks incorporated into the outing. Nick will notice, as will the other women.

Later, Viall will talk with one of the ladies about the fact that his blood is boiling. The clip makes it seem as if this will be related to frustrations with Corinne, but this may well be some tricky editing and whatever is sparking such intensity could be something else entirely.

Raven Gates gets the other one-on-one in Episode 4, and she will get to meet quite a few members of the Viall family. Bachelor spoilers detail that Raven and Nick will attend his sister Bella’s soccer game, and later they all go roller skating. Gates and Viall will also share dinner with one another, where she opens up about some heartbreak from her past, and she’ll also show a fiery side that seems to endear her to Nick.

The next cocktail party will get intense once again as Bachelor spoilers hint that some women will butt heads with one another just ahead of the cocktail party. Reality Steve teases that Corinne is at the center of the drama once again, as she was butting heads with mental health counselor Taylor Nolan. Apparently, Taylor will call out Olympios for being “emotionally unintelligent,” and there will be a lot of drama.

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It sounds as if this is where Episode 4 will end, leaving viewers hanging once again. If this is the case, it means that Episode 5 will feature the end the cocktail party with Corinne and Taylor pushing one another’s buttons, followed by the elimination of Astrid Loch and Sarah Vendal. Nick and his 13 remaining ladies head off to New Orleans, Louisiana, where Rachel Lindsay gets her first one-on-one. TV Guide indicates that 10 women go with Viall to a haunted mansion, and two gals have to go on a dreaded two-on-one.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers note that the two-on-one ends up being with Corinne and Taylor, and they go to a bayou swamp with Nick. The episode synopsis would appear to indicate that Episode 5 cuts off during this date, but teasers reveal that Rachel, Danielle Maltby, and Corinne end up with roses on dates, while Taylor, Alexis Waters, Josephine Tutman, and Jaimi King end up eliminated.

Seeing Olympios snag a rose on the two-on-one will surely irritate many of the other ladies, and things are certainly going to be getting intense during these dates in Wisconsin. Which bachelorette ultimately snags Nick Viall’s final rose? Spoilers tease that there are some buzzworthy moments on the way, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next during ABC’s Bachelor 2017 season.

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