Barron Trump Missing From Events: Donald Trump Offers Generic Whereabouts [Opinion]

Barron Trump’s whereabouts quickly became the elephant in the room last night, or rather the elephant at the Lincoln Memorial. With Barron noticeably missing from Thursday night’s events, social media was on fire with inquiries about the first son. The Trump family lined up numerous times for family photos, but Barron was missing. There was much hoopla over the Trump family entrance to the events, but as they all filed in – there was no Barron Trump. From Donald Trump right down to his young grandchildren, the Trump family pictures at the Lincoln Memorial were not complete, as they were void of Barron.

One Twitter user wrote, “Where’s my guy, Barron Trump?” Other’s speculated that he might be under the weather. Then there were those who cropped up across the social media sites with accusations that Donald Trump was hiding something about Barron Trump. Donald Trump, with Melania and his family by his side, enjoyed the concert in the chilly night air. When the concert was over the future president took to the mic and thanked everyone in a very short speech. This is when he said, “Barron is at home,” which was something he did not elaborate on.

For some of the folks in the audience, “home” meant New York City, as the Trump’s have made it very clear that Melania and Barron will be staying in their Manhattan home while Barron finishes out the school year. Apparently “home” to Donald Trump meant back at the hotel where the family is staying before taking over the White House living quarters on Friday. According to Chron, it didn’t take long for #WheresBarron to show up online.

Barron Trump did fly into Washington with his mom, Melania, on Thursday, so he was in D.C. during the events. He was just not present at the events, reports Us Magazine. They report that Barron was spotted “exiting an Air Force jet at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland earlier on Thursday,” with his mom, the future first lady of the nation. A photo of the first family exiting the plane was posted online Thursday by Ivanka. There in the picture was Barron Trump, the young boy who has captured the heart of America.

Will Barron make it to Donald Trump’s big inauguration ceremony today? While no one has said officially, either way, it is widely speculated that he will not miss this historic event. This is not only history in the making for the country, but for Barron’s family as well.

There was another child missing from a big event this week and that was Sasha Obama. She missed her father’s farewell speech to the nation, which is another historic event, not only for the nation, but for the Obama family tree. The Obama’s did offer up why their 15-year-old daughter could not make the big goodbye event. Sasha had exams in the morning, which is what Michelle Obama revealed later on in the evening.

Barron Trump became a global sensation a few months back when he was captured on camera doing his best to stay awake during his father’s speeches, both at the Republican Convention and again on election night. Barron is a tall young man and he can give the impression that he is older than his years when he is dressed in a suit and tie, but he is still only 10-years-old.

During these two occasions, he was at these events until the wee hours of the morning and he was tired. While his father captured the attention of the masses with his energy-driven speeches, this is still Barron’s dad. At 10-years-old no kid wants to hear their dad go on and on, no matter how interesting he is to the masses. So maybe at only 10, Barron was also a bit bored to boot?

Barron’s past battles with slumber was a natural occurrence for a 10-year-old kid, who was tired after a long drawn-out day around adults. By keeping Barron “home” this time around, it could be that the Trump’s wanted to spare Barron the same type of media coverage that bombarded the family after those two events. Instead of seeing a tired kid, some did their armchair diagnosing from home and insinuated what the world was seeing was a boy with autism. Despite Melania’s denial, the debate lasted in the headlines for weeks to follow.

With that said, you don’t have to dig much deeper when looking for a reason that would prompt Donald and Melania to have Barron miss Thursday’s events. Why would parents want to subject their child to this type of scrutiny again? Of course, Barron could have missed Thursday’s events for a vast array of reasons. Maybe he had a cold or maybe he just simply didn’t want to attend another long event, in this case – two long events. The bottom line is simple, Donald and Melania Trump as parents opted for Barron to stay behind for reasons that are nobody’s business but their own.

[Featured Image by David J. Phillip/AP Images]