Shayla Rudolph: Ohio Mother Taped Toddler To Wall Of Home, Streamed Act On Facebook Live [Video]

A young mother from an Ohio suburb is now behind bars for both taping her 2-year-old son to a wall inside of her home and for displaying the disturbing act to the world through live stream video on social media.

Eighteen-year-old Shayla Rudolph of Reynoldsburg has been hit with a felony abduction charge for the sickening event, which the New York Post relays occurred several weeks ago. In captures of the live stream, which eventually made its way to other video sharing sites, Rudolph can be seen sitting in front of her child, who is secured with packaging tape on a wall behind her, as he sobs and begs her to let him go.

Warning: the following video might be disturbing for some Inquisitr readers. Please proceed with caution.

"You've got the best mommy in the whole wide world," Rudolph says to the crying child, while turning around to face him from the chair she's seated in.

Later on, as the young boy fidgets, he is threatened with "more tape" and told to "sit still."

"You can see the TV from right there. [You'll] be alright."
As for why Shayla Rudolph came up with the cruel and unusual punishment, she ultimately explains to Facebook viewers that the child was in the way of getting her house chores done.

"You can't clean without them running around tearing up," she asks her audience.

"Tape 'em to the wall. Parents don't need to whoop the kids. All you gotta do is tape them to the wall."
Although the entirety of the video has become hard to come by following its deletion from Rudolph's Facebook profile, Reynoldsburg police officials allege that the child was restrained for about 20 minutes. On January 5, Rudolph was first confronted about the video by Franklin County Children's Services, where she maintained that her actions were meant as a joke.

Days later, however, a second live Facebook video made by Rudolph reportedly showed her taunting the child safety organization, while forcing the child to stand in the corner of her home for reasons unknown.

"They called Children Services on me, so f*** it, now he in the corner," Rudolph was said to have proclaimed.

"Whatcha gonna do now? Call Children Services now, you can have his a**! I don't give a f***! This time, y'all can take him."
Once they became aware of the second visual, Children Services did as they were told, and the mother was formally arrested on Thursday morning.
Initially, several media sources, including CBS affiliate KIMA, declined to publicly acknowledge Shayla Rudolph or the identity of her child before the public matter became a legal one. As of this posting, it is said that the accused is currently without hired counsel.

While the matter of forcibly taping a child to a wall may seem troubling to most, it is actually not the first time that a guardian has been arrested for employing the action as a way to keep their child still.

As noted by a report from ABC News in October 2010, Nebraska teen Jayla Henn, then 17, was handed a sentence for three to five years on charges of child abuse for similarly fastening her 2-year-old boy to a wall using duct tape, and sharing pictures of the moment all over her social media pages.

Like Rudolph, she too referred to her actions as being a "joke," one that stemmed from getting high with her then-boyfriend Corde Honea, then 19, on marijuana.

"This happened on New Year's Eve," Gage County attorney Randall Ritnour explained during court proceedings.

"They were getting high on pot and thought this was a fun thing to do."
Just as with Henn, Honea, a former convict, was given a three- to five-year sentence, along with an additional 12 to 24 months on felony possession of stolen firearms. No word on the length of time Shayla Rudolph may have to serve.

[Featured Image by Reynoldsburg Division of Police]