Donald Trump's Twitter Mistake Rattles Folks On Two Shores [Opinion]

Donald Trump mistakenly awarded a random woman her 15 minutes of fame when he mistook her Twitter address for the one belonging to his daughter Ivanka Trump. With just a day or two to go until he becomes president of the United States, a woman from across the pond received a tweet from Trump. That one tweet from the future president, Donald Trump, had this woman inundated with followers, retweets, likes, and comments.

Trump's tweet could be called a proud papa tweet, but Ivanka Majic, who hails from Brighton, England, wasn't the one who should have received it. When she got a hold of it, she used all the sudden attention to reprimand Trump for lacking in responsibility when it comes to caring about climate change.

A man named Lawrence Goodstein from Seekonk, Massachusetts, sent a tweet to Trump that the soon-to-be president found pleasing. The tweet commended Trump on having such a lovely daughter, Ivanka. Goodstein complimented Ivanka as "a woman with real character and class."

That's were the proud papa came in. Hearing such nice things about his daughter would make any dad want to share them with that daughter, and that is just what Trump did. It seems Goodstein had mistakenly used @Ivanka when referring to the eldest daughter of the Trump brood in that tweet. Ivanka Trump is @IvankaTrump and @Ivanka belongs to Majic.

The shout-out directed at his daughter went across the Atlantic Ocean to a woman who didn't exactly sound like a Trump fan.

She tweeted back to Donald Trump, "And you're a man with great responsibilities. May I suggest more care on Twitter and more time learning about #climatechange."

Taking advantage of her new found fame, she went to town. Majic once worked for the opposition Labour Party, and she's now a council worker in Brighton. With this background, it sounds like she's used to advocating for things she holds dear, and it appears one of those things is climate change.

Majic tweeted data supporting the human-induced climate theory. She tweeted that 90 percent of all publishing scientists and 97.5 percent of all publishing climatologists back this theory, according to the Irish Times. It was apparent that Trump made a mistake. Considering the man has a lot on his plate these days with the leader of the free world about to be a tittle he will slip into, some would say it's understandable. Majik finally did too, but not until she offered up a little reprimand for the future U.S. president.

What had happened that started the ball rolling with this mistake tweet was that Trump saw the @Ivanka on the original tweet and just hit it. But Majic had a few things to say until she would admit that anyone could make the same mistake. She said that Trump had made a "careless mistake."

She also used his up and coming presidential title to try and make a point, saying that he needs to pay a little more attention as the future president of the United States. She got her point across to the masses. Don't forget when Trump tweets or retweets something that he's received from someone else, he reaches over 20 million people. With that said, he gave Majic one gigantic stage to perform.

CNN reports that the "wrong Ivanka" woke up to thousands of Twitter messages after she received the tweet mistakenly sent by Trump. Goodstein, who is a Massachusetts chiropractor, has since changed his Twitter account to private. When Trump tweeted his reply out to the wrong Ivanka, Majic was fast asleep. By the time she got up the next morning that tweet had started a Twitter storm.

Donald Trump sharing the kind praises he received about his daughter racked up more than 5,000 shares and it was favored over 30,000 times. The tweet also got over 8,000 replies. It would appear that Trump's tweets do have quite a bit of influence over things. It made Majic extremely popular, and it led to a chiropractor in Massachusetts closing out his Twitter account to the public.

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