Police: Auburn Woman Tried To Kidnap Toddler From Park

An Auburn, California, woman has been arrested on allegations that she tried to kidnap a 3-year-old girl. People reports that 28-year-old Lindsay Frasher was arrested at the scene of the incident, after the child's grandfather -- and several witnesses -- restrained her. This is certainly a shocking case in development.

Police say that the 3-year-old girl, a sibling, and her grandfather were enjoying their Saturday at Ashford Park, near a duck pond, when they were approached by the 28-year-old California woman. Frasher allegedly called the 3-year-old victim by another child's name before grabbing her, and attempting to walk away with her.

This is when police say the child's grandfather sprung into action. The man reportedly grabbed his granddaughter, latching onto her so that the Auburn woman would be unable to take her away. Meanwhile, witnesses also jumped into action while the two exchanged in what is being referred to as a "tug-of-war" over the 3-year-old girl. Police were called immediately, and multiple people assisted the child's grandfather in wrestling the woman away and restraining her until police could arrive.Fortunately, the 3-year-old victim in Saturday's incident has not been harmed -- other than the obvious trauma of surviving an abduction attempt. It's being reported that Lindsay Frasher is not acquainted with the child that she allegedly tried to abduct, nor does the victim's family know her. In other words, this was an incredibly rare event, which fortunately ended on a positive note.Stranger abductions are indeed rare, but this case is certainly not the first time a child has been kidnapped (or part of a kidnapping attempt) at the hands of someone they do not know. Last year, a New York man was arrested in association with at least two different abduction attempts. News 10 reports that 25-year-old Joseph Badger attempted to kidnap a 16-year-old girl and inappropriately touched another.Some of these stories don't end as fortunately as the foiled attack in Auburn, California, over the weekend. In 2014, two Amish girls were reportedly kidnapped from a roadside vegetable stand by a couple, who sexually abused both of them before letting them go. The girls were victimized, but still lucky to make it out alive. However, Syracuse News reports that Stephen Howells II and Nicole F. Vaisey had actually intended on killing the two victims.

Ultimately, the New York couple who kidnapped the two Amish girls were given nearly 1,000 years of imprisonment -- a hefty sentence for their sickening crimes.

As for this latest case out of Auburn, California, police have jailed Lindsay Frasher on bond in the amount of $200k. The woman has been charged with a single count of kidnapping -- although the attempt was not successful. What's not being clarified in reports is whether or not Frasher is suffering from any kind of mental illness, or if she was under the influence of any substances at the time of Saturday's alleged kidnapping attempt. This story is still in development, so more details are expected to come out as authorities continue to investigate the incident.

[Featured Image by Auburn Police Department]