Greyhound Express Offers Nonstop Service From Los Angeles To Las Vegas

Greyhound Express will now offer travelers nonstop service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Later this week, those who aren’t interested in taking a car or a plane from L.A. to Sin City will be able to hop on a Greyhound bus and enjoy a nonstop journey to their destination. The company will offer five daily trips with additional departures scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays.

Those who wish to use Greyhound to shuttle between the cities can expect to pay between $25 and $67.50 each way. If everything goes according to plan, those who use the service can expect to arrive at either Los Angeles or Las Vegas in around five hours. Fares for as low as $1 will also be available.

The Washington Post explains that the new route is part of the company’s Greyhound Express experience. The buses will allow travelers to ride comfortably to their destination in leather seats with plenty of legroom. Those who bring laptops, tablets, or mobile devices can make use of free Wi-Fi during their adventure.

“Greyhound Express has been a huge success since its inception in 2010, carrying nearly 4.3 million customers, and we are thrilled to continue our winning streak by launching this premium service connecting Las Vegas and Los Angeles,” Grey President and CEO Dave Leach explained.

He added, “Customers can leave their car keys at home, relax on Express with its premium amenities, and know the low fares will make it easier to return home with money in their pockets.”

In addition to being able to purchase their tickets online at discounted prices, Express customers will be able to wait for their bus inside a secure area equipped with a helpful customer service representative.

Greyhound Express will begin offering nonstop trips from Los Angeles to Las Vegas this Wednesday (November 7).