Woman In Labor Votes On The Way To The Hospital

A woman in labor who voted on her way to the hospital is officially this election season’s polling place hero, but the young new mother was not about to miss her chance to exercise her civic duty, regardless of how frequently her contractions were coming.

The woman in labor who voted today was 21-year-old Galicia Malone, who was too young to vote in the last election. Now eligible and registered, the young woman in labor was not about to let an eager to arrive baby get in the way of her plans to cast her very first ballot.

Long lines at the polls, you say? The woman in labor isn’t complaining about her hardships, telling reporters that she had to try hard to focus on her ballot as contractions hit — Malone explains:

“You know what, I was just trying to read and breathe, read and breathe. That’s what I kept telling myself as I sat there, read and breathe.”

Fortuitously, the young woman in labor was set to vote at the New Life Celebration Church, and even arrived after her water had already broken. Malone says:

“I never voted before, so this made a major difference in my life. I wanted it to be a stepping stone for my daughter.”


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Cook County Clerk David Orr says of the young woman in labor who managed to vote in the district:

“If only all voters showed such determination to vote … My hat goes off to Galicia for not letting anything get in the way of voting. What a terrific example she is showing for the next generation, especially her new son or daughter.”

So, what was that you were saying about a cold day? Go vote!