Trump Ex Marla Maples Reportedly Wants Hairstyling Freebie For Herself And Tiffany Trump For Inauguration

Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s second wife and the mother of his second daughter, Tiffany Trump, is making Trump inauguration news, and not in a good way. Stylists are reporting that Marla Maples was trying to get free hair and make-up services for Donald Trump’s inauguration, telling the stylists they will get “exposure” in exchange for the freebie. Maples also reportedly said that all she and Tiffany had in their styling budget was $300.

It’s a pretty good guess that Ivanka Trump doesn’t have to scramble to get her hair and makeup done for the big event. Ivanka is in the process of moving to Washington, D.C., to be closer to her father, who she has been advising. Ivanka likely is happy to be out of New York for a while, where a man who has been stalking Trump was recently arrested again.

Page Six states that Marla Maples should go back and read ex-husband Donald Trump’s book The Art of the Deal because not only did she get turned down in her attempt to get free styling services for herself and her daughter Tiffany Trump, but one stylist went to the press with the story of “entitled” Marla Maples trying to snag a freebie.


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Marla Maples, via an assistant, reportedly approached Washington, D.C., freelance stylist Tricia Kelly to do hair and makeup for herself and Tiffany Trump for Donald Trump’s inauguration. Kelly shared her rates, which include a $150 travel fee, but the assistant said that the budget for Maples and Trump was $300. Kelly finally agreed, saying she would do it for $200. But then, Kelly was told that Maples and Trump wanted to services for free, in exchange for exposure and social media posts.

That might work in New York, but Marla Maples got a wake-up call to the way things are done in Washington, D.C., as Kelly was shocked by Maples’ attitude.

“I was stunned. I told them …. I work for a fee, not for free.”

Kelly then said no thanks, but admits she was shocked.

“There are people who make far less than they do who pay full price. People on staff — the incoming White House and the outgoing one — pay full price. It seems like they were trying to see how much they could get for free based on their names.”

Kelly said she thought it was all over until a member of the party left a threatening message on her phone.

“You are messing with the president of the United States.”

But then the topic came up of Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump accepting freebies by dropping the name of the president, reports the Washington Post, but sources say that this is okay, because the gifts rule only applies to the spouse and minor children of the president. But sources are suggesting that perhaps Maples is now feeling the pinch since Tiffany Trump has graduated from college. As a result, Marla Maples’ child support payments are coming to an end, and she has big concerns about her financial situation. Maples’ representative sent a message to Kelly saying that the behavior was not that of entitlement, but of a woman who is experiencing a reversal of fortune.

“She is used to a certain lifestyle and you don’t understand that.”

Luckily for Tricia Kelly, her services were in demand elsewhere, with those willing to pay her fee for services.

Do you think it was obnoxious for Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump to try to get a freebie for the Trump Inauguration?

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