The Story Behind Donald Trump’s Alcoholic Brother That Rosie O’Donnell Ranted About

Donald Trump has made no secret of the fact that his older brother, Fred Trump, Jr., better known as Freddy, died of complications from alcoholism. Yet, the topic has come up again as Rosie O’Donnell is using what Trump has said to be a painful part of his life as a taunt on Twitter. But what is the real story behind Donald Trump’s brother, and his relationship with the president-elect.

Rosie O’Donnell has started fanning the flames of her feud with President-elect Donald Trump, and now she has dragged his family into it, says the Inquisitr. O’Donnell has taken it upon herself to diagnose Trump’s son Barron with autism, and tweeted a statement about “Donald Trump’s alcoholic brother who died young,” clear out of the blue. O’Donnell seemed to be indicating the fact that Freddy Trump was an alcoholic is a family secret, but that isn’t true, as Donald Trump has been frank that he does not drink as a result of Freddy’s battle with the bottle.

Before the election, Donald Trump shared the story of his brother’s losing battle against alcoholism, says Sky News. Though Trump said he was rebellious in his childhood, he says he never was a drinker as a result of watching his brother’s undoing as a result of booze, which led to his early death.

“He died at 42, really from alcoholism.”


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Freddy Trump was the oldest son of Fred Trump and his wife Mary. The Trump family had three boys, and two girls. Donald Trump is a teetotaler as a result of Freddy’s drinking, and at Freddy’s urging that Donald should never drink. Freddy was eight years older than Donald.

“I’ve never had a drink because of my brother. He would tell me, ‘Don’t ever drink. Don’t ever drink.'”

Perhaps Freddy feared that Donald, a rebellious child would follow in his path and get into trouble, but father Fred Trump sent young Donald to military school, just in case.

“My father thought it would be good for discipline reasons. I was just somebody who was rebellious.”

Freddy Trump was Donald Trump’s big brother, and his death left a void in Trump’s life, but not without teaching Trump generations to come a valuable lesson about skipping alcohol, says the International Business Times. Donald Trump described his older brother Freddy as “the best.”

“Very handsome guy, everybody loved him, much better person than me – he had a tremendous heart and I have heart, I love people… but he had something very special.”

Donald Trump says that fears of a genetic tie to alcoholism caused him to steer away from drink entirely, especially with the upcoming strains of being the president.

“The nice part is if you don’t drink you don’t have to worry about it. I do have a personality that you’d carry me out of this room one day, you never know.”

Trump says he has stressed the importance of temperance to his children, and says he was surprised to learn that his son, Donald, Jr. had a brush with a “partying lifestyle,” which included some heavy drinking.

“You don’t know, you think you just drink a bit, in moderation, but if you have the gene I don’t know if you can.”

And Donald Trump’s feeling about alcohol extended to his campaign, with celebratory events including a cash bar for alcoholic drinks because the billionaire feels that strongly about being party to the drinking of others.

Do you think there is an advantage to having a president who chooses to avoid alcohol, despite not being an alcoholic?

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