Ivanka Trump Stalker Nabbed By Secret Service A Block Away From Trump Tower

President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has had a stalker since 2012, and the man is back at it. The Secret Service has picked up Justin Massler just a block away from Trump Tower, which is the Trump family home base. Massler had booked a room at a hotel nearby to be closer to Ivanka.

The election has put Ivanka Trump, a business woman and shoe designer on television, and in the news, perhaps reigniting her stalker’s compulsion to be near her. And the President-elect’s daughter has also been in the news in reference to the Trump appointment of Stephen Bannon to the Trump cabinet, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr. Bannon has been alleged to be an antisemite, and Ivanka Trump, and her husband, Jared Kushner are both Jewish.

Luckily, the Secret Service was on the case, as Justin Massler, Ivanka Trump’s stalker, was on their radar, according to TMZ. Massler did six months behind bars for aggravated harassment, and then went to a Nevada mental health facility until a month ago, when he fled to come to New York to be closer to Ivanka.


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The brother of Justin Massler, who lives in New York, then booked him a hotel room a block away from Trump Tower. The Secret Service arrested Massler on November 29th, and he was transferred to Bellevue Hospital, and he is still there. Massler has not yet been booked, but since he is still on probation, it’s just a matter of time. The Secret Service was aware of the situation because Ivanka had a restraining order out on him at one time. Massler, who is obviously mentally ill, has also stalked others.

The New York Post says that Ivana Trump’s stalker, Justin Massler, has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was marked as schizophrenic in court proceedings, where he blamed aliens for his obsession with Ivanka Trump. And Massler has not only been staying close to Ivanka, he has been posting creepy Youtube videos and Twitter messages, and sending emails. Massler has also made a habit of popping into Ivanka’s NYC jewelry store. He has also emailed Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, in violation of the restraining order.

Luckily, the Trump machine has excellent security, which is only improved by the Secret Service, says Jezebel, but other celebrities who have been stalked by Massler are not as lucky. Massler is profoundly ill, and has delusions, where he calls himself Cloud Starchaser, and believes he is Harry Potter, Superman, and Jesus Christ. He relives these narratives over and over again, placing the women he stalks in the role of the heroine.

Justin Massler is considered a known threat to law enforcement, and is considered delusional and dangerous. Experts involved in the case say he is not benign, and he has threatened to come and kill himself in Ivanka Trump’s jewelry store.

“He has been primarily known for physically and cyber stalking a handful of people he believes to be supporting characters in his hero story, most notably Ivanka Trump and several of the Kardashians.”

In light of the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris, the Kardashians too have stepped up their security.

Massler has also notably stalked Lenora Claire, and art curator and casting producer, who he followed in Los Angeles.

“This guy who was about 30 years old at the time shows up in a spacesuit. I’m not even kidding. Like, I can’t have a normal stalker.”

Justin Massler will likely be charged while at Bellevue, and committed to another psych facility.

Do you think Ivanka Trump needs extra security? Does Ivanka’s stalker sound like John Hinkley to you?

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