Watch The US Presidential Election Results Live [Streaming Video]

The day everyone has been waiting for is here! After today, we should all know who the next leader of the Free World is. Will it be Governor Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama. Tune in to The Inquisitr now for live election coverage and news and updates.

Since the moment the Republican Primary was over and it was official that Mitt Romney would be the Republican nominee, the question that has been driven home through out this entire election has been. Who do Americans trust to take us through the next four years?

Romney offers a big business form of Conservatism. Restrained entitlement spending, increased military spending, and tons of tax cuts for all. Romney has put together a coalition of whites, Christians, and business leaders to help him take the White House and return it to Republican hands.

Obama offers the same direction as he has taken for the last four years. Healthcare equality, environmental protection, and reining in Wall Street has lead America on a path to recovery. Obama’s campaign slogan is forward because that is what he is promising, to lead the country forward.

In what might be the closest election in more than 10 years, the polls are basically where they started last year. Tied at 50/50. Obama saw a surge in support after a long summer; Romney surged ahead after a dominating performance at the first Presidential debate. Since then, the equilibrium has returned. All polls that have been released prior to today’s vote have shown the race essentially tied again. Any lead shown by either candidate is well within the margin of error.

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