Hillary Clinton Epic Fail Reminder? ‘Almost Presidential Museum’ Proposed In Her Name [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have to look far for a reminder that she is not the next president of the nation, as the headlines give her a daily dose of that. Once they subside, Hillary might just get a permanent reminder, one that is all done up in brick and mortar. An “almost presidential museum” dedicated to Hillary Clinton is proposed, and although some might say it sounds like the creation of a late night host’s comedy act, it’s not. There is actually a politician advocating for this museum to be built and dedicated to the first woman who was almost president.

The headlines have painted Hillary Clinton mulling around in the woods near her home tending to her deep wounds of failure. The New York Times equated Hillary to a “battle-scarred heroine” as she made her way into a theater for a night out of “healing” with Bill in tow last week. Now someone out there wants to dedicate an “almost presidential museum” to Hillary Clinton, according to Lohud News.

The Washington Post wrote about this picture above and made a good point on how it was just so over analyzed. This picture which shows Hillary looking all alone and forlorn made the rounds not too long after her epic election loss. This picture became a big part of half the nation mourning for Hillary Clinton, which unfortunately is still going on today. A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say, as the media loves a good photo of a politician they can spin a mood around. Like the one of Joe Biden below being compared to Hillary’s picture.

The “almost presidential museum” is proposed by Democrat Paul Feiner, who believes this museum would do wonders for tourism. The area in which this museum should be erected is close to Hillary’s home, suggests Feiner. Feiner is the town supervisor in Greenburgh, New York, which is a few towns over from Hillary’s home in the town of Chappaqua.

He calls Westchester County a part of “living history” because the Clintons have lived there since Bill Clinton vacated the White House. So what does this man propose this museum should hold? Maybe the headlines of the Hillary Clinton campaign days? Would this include Hillary being investigated by the FBI or Hillary receiving national debate questions before her debate with Donald Trump?

For sure, people would travel far and wide to come to a museum that houses the notorious private server that Clinton had stored at home in her bathroom. It would be a double draw if the server sat next to that the fax machine that Hillary’s maid used to send and receive classified documents. You remember those faxes, the ones that were to be seen only by the eyes of those with government clearance. Is this something he has in mind when talking about a Hillary Clinton “almost presidential museum?”

If you think about it, there is no end to the objects you could put on display that would do nicely as a reminder of the headlines that swirled around Hillary during her campaign days. But that doesn’t seem to be what Feiner has in mind for his idea of a museum dedicated to Hillary Clinton. The town supervisor would like to see the museum used for documenting the rise of the first woman nominee from a major political party for president, Hillary Clinton.

A colleague of Feiner’s, who describes himself as a friend of Donald Trump’s got a good laugh out of the idea, calling it “typical Feiner.” He said, “I don’t think anybody would attend, and certainly nobody from around the world would come to an almost-presidential museum.” Feiner appeared ready for the backlash from his suggestion saying that the museum would have some significance in “25, 50 or 100 years from now.”

The rise of Hillary Clinton wasn’t pretty in many ways, so how would you create such a dedication to Hillary without adding in the very significant pieces of her campaign that pulled the rug right out from under her, like the unauthorized server she kept at home? Would Hillary really want a museum dedicated to her as “almost presidential” position?

Think about a promotion you were passed by for, or a job you thought you would get, but you didn’t. Would you want a plaque on the wall in an office building lobby that was dedicated to you being “almost promoted” or as a candidate who “almost had the job?”

Hillary has been deemed a wounded woman in the headlines since her ill-fated campaign came to an end. A picture of her eating breakfast all alone in a country inn showed up online not long after the election was over and the sympathy that surrounded that picture was astronomical. That picture can be seen in one of the above tweets. It is the picture below that started the buzz of Hillary wandering in the woods near her home. Some found it hard to believe that a young mother was hiking alone in the woods with her baby. Then, when it was later shown in pictures that Hillary was previously acquainted with this young woman, many surmised this photo was staged.

A museum that is dedicated to Hillary being “almost presidential” might be seen as a consolation prize. Is this something Hillary would want to see erected in her name? Would she really want this near her home to bring in tourists so they can see how she “almost” made it? Would you if you were her?

[Featured Image by Sait Serkan Gurbuz/AP Images]