Chris Christie Shuns Mitt Romney Ahead Of Presidential Election

Chris Christie made it clear last week that his priority was helping the people of New Jersey recover from Hurricane Sandy, not in helping Mitt Romney or the Republican Party.

Christie stuck with that this week, turning down Romney’s request to appear at a rally in Pennsylvania this week, The Huffington Post reported. Many Republicans had already been upset with Chris Christie over his effusive praise of President Obama during his response to Hurricane Sandy, and word that the New Jersey governor again snubbed Romney is striking many the wrong way.

On his final push through swing states, Mitt Romney traveled to a farm in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, close to Trenton. It would have only been a 20-minute drive for Christie to leave the capital and join Romney, but the governor had more important things to do.

Romney officials were not pleased with Chris Christie’s decision.

“You can’t tell me he couldn’t have gone over there for a night rally,” a Romney campaign source told HuffPost.


Publicly, Romney has spoken highly about Chris Christie’s response to the storm.

“They’re in a hard way, and we appreciate his hard work. Thank you, governor,” Romney said.

The tension between Mitt Romney and Chris Christie point to what insiders call a rift between the two. Christie once considered joining the Republican Primary earlier this year and would have represented perhaps the largest threat to Romney winning the nomination.

Chris Christie has at least vowed his vote to Mitt Romney, though it appears likely the two won’t be sharing any kind of close relationship once Election Day is over.