UFO Sighting: Corroborating Witnesses Could Confirm New Year Fireball Event In Texas

A UFO sighting in San Antonio, Texas, could provide key information that could confirm a fireball UFO event in Texas, shortly after midnight on New Year’s day. In a report to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) that pays close attention to detail, the witness in the San Antonio UFO sighting provides data that appears to support a different sighting in Houston, Texas at approximately the same time. Both witnesses’ reports agree that a red, or orange ball of light was moving across the sky while making no sound.

In the Houston UFO sighting, the witness states that the object was gaining and dropping in altitude until it disappeared over the tree line. That data allowed for the elimination of a meteor as a good explanation. The San Antonio witness did not have the worries of losing the UFO in a tree line, as he reports that his encounter was even closer, and his details reflect a strange sighting by any measure of qualification.

Witness to UFO

“On new years at about 12:30am, my father and I observed an object in the sky appearing red at a distance but then turned bright orange with a flicker of red as it flew closer.”

“The object hovered over our street originating from the south. It flew in a quarter circle pattern over the convent property across from us as it dimmed its light and dissapeared. Two identical objects followed after the first object in the same pattern at the same speed and disappeared at the exact same spot as the first.”

Some will recall that the Houston sighting occurred shortly after the fireworks ended there. The San Antonio witness speculated that the UFO sighting there might have been instigated by a firework display. What sets the San Antonio witness apart is his description of the movement of the UFO before it disappeared, and his inclusion of local weather details, which do fall within a small margin of error of regional reports for that night.