UFO News Update: Houston Sighting Could Support ‘Rattled’ Washington Witness’ Account

This UFO news update features a sighting of a red light UFO in Houston, Texas that shares many similarities with a UFO sighting in Davenport, Washington, only two days earlier. In his report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the Houston witness states that he was cleaning up after a fireworks celebration when he looked up and saw a bright red light UFO moving across the sky. The witness provides the details needed to rule out a meteor in his observation.

“I was outside watching the fireworks about 20 mins earlier after a new years eve party, as i was helping to clean up outside i heard gunshots so i happend to look at the sky and thats when i saw it. it was a bright red circular light moving across the sky. at first i thought it was a plane or comet but i had never seen a plane with that bright red of a color and it wasnt flashing so i knew it couldnt be it. the object was flying in a continous path but would ascend and descend at certain points, as i watched it fly i attempted to take a video but it was dark so i took pictures instead. at the moment upon seeing this i felt confused as to what it could be. i lost sight of the object as it disappeared over some trees, but not before the bright red light was turned off and the object was grey.”

A Houston witness saw more than fireworks when a UFO lit up the sky. [Image by Purestock/Thinkstock]

A meteor does not move up and down on the horizon as it travels across the sky. In both UFO sightings, the witnesses reported a red light in the sky. Fortunately, the witnesses took pictures, so that researchers can compare the Davenport photo with the Houston photo for reference. However, this UFO news includes some contrasts to the Davenport UFO sighting.

The most striking contrast is that the Davenport UFO did not move, according to the witness. She stated that it was hovering when she first saw it and stayed that way until it disappeared. With that, one can rule out Chinese lanterns and many other mundane explanations. The wind alone would cause some type of movement for a balloon type craft.


The UFO news in Houston relates to a craft that was moving and did change colors. The witness reports that the UFO switched off the red light and became gray. At that distance, it would be hard to imagine that the Houston witness was seeing city lights reflecting off a metal hull at that time of night. It is also curious that the witness in Houston saw a color that was referred to by a witness to a triangle UFO in Los Angeles that was news covered in The Inquisitr.

In the Los Angeles sighting, the witness states that the lights on the triangle she observed were gray. That is, they were gray until the craft made an 180-degree turn and then disappeared. Is it possible that the Houston witness was watching as a craft transitioned from the visible light spectrum to something else entirely? Also, is it possible that the Davenport UFO witness was so far away from the UFO that she could not see the gray change in color before the craft disappeared?

Could the color of the UFO have been a reflection of ground light? [Image by Efks/Thinkstock]

The pictures of the UFO in both of these cases in the news are strikingly similar. If one removes the flash section of the Davenport UFO image, the two red UFOs appear almost identical. It is unfortunate that the Houston UFO witness lost sight of the UFO over the tree line. A photo of a craft beginning to become invisible would have been unprecedented.

As mentioned in the initial news report, the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) classified the Davenport UFO sighting as unknown. MUFON has yet to investigate the Houston claim. Hopefully, the similarities between the two could be a focal point for investigation. It would be exciting UFO news if some connection could lead to answers.

[Featured Image by Homeworks255/Thinkstock]

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