Rupert Murdoch Tells Chris Christie To Break Up With Obama

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has received a lot of heat for stepping up to the plate and partnering up with President Barack Obama to provide relief to the east coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. First Rush Limbaugh criticized the partnership, and now media mogul Rupert Murdoch is telling Christie to break off his “bromance” with Obama.

Though Christie and Obama are normally political rivals, with the former vocally supporting GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the two set aside their differences to answer the crisis of Hurricane Sandy.

While the friendly pairing is primarily earning both politicians high marks from the media for showing Americans a clear example of how politics can fall to the sidelines in favor of cooperation, other high-profile figures have criticized the two.

A majority of the criticism has been from Conservatives to Christie, with Rush Limbaugh the first to criticize the acerbic New Jersey governor. Now, controversial News Corp. head Rupert Murdoch has warned Christie as well: Distance yourself from Obama, reaffirm support for Romney, or face the consequences.


Take blame for what exactly? Bipartisanship? Cooperation? Being American in the face of disaster? There isn’t even a final death toll from Hurricane Sandy yet, and the power is still out in a lot of places, and we’re already back to politics?

Many disagree with Murdoch and Limbaugh. In fact, several outlets have defended Christie’s cooperation with Obama as simply the right thing to do. Furthermore, if we must talk politics, several others have speculated that Christie’s partnership with Obama is setting him up for a 2016 bid for President. The Governor is demonstrating real leadership on the east coast post-Sandy, something that other Governors seeking a national seat don’t often get a chance to show.

I wonder what Rupert Murdoch will tweet if Chris Christie is on the Republican ticket in 2016.

We’ll put it to you simply: Do you think that Chris Christie and President Obama’s cooperation is good or bad for the country?