‘Virtuous Pedophile’ Sees Himself As Normal Guy Even Though Attracted To Little Girls, Insists He Will Never Act On His Urges


Gary Gibson, a self-acclaimed “virtuous pedophile” admits he is attracted to little girls, but claims he will never act out his impulses. The 65-year-old from Oregon set up a non-profit organization-the Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention to help people like him not act on these desires. He set up the organization in 2014 with support from his wife, Tabitha. He said he tried talking to a therapist about his attraction, but was dumped without a referral. He said it became crucial to fill the void because most therapists were not interested in helping pedophiles

The “virtuous pedophile” revealed that the organization was a meet-point for individuals and professionals who were attracted to children, but who wanted to fight the urges. Gibson’s case is that if heterosexuals and homosexuals choose not to act on their urges or people make the choice to be celibate, a pedophile can also make a choice. The former Christian teacher is also part of a 1,800 strong online group of non-offending pedophiles. He revealed that his family was a lengthy line of incestuous abuse, according to the Daily Mail.

“My grandfather sexually abused my mother and I think at least one of his sisters, and my father’s woman was known on the streets to be the one that invited the little boys into her house and did things with them. So I think she is a pedophile. I know for a fact my father sexually abused several of my sisters-nearly all of them.”

Gibson revealed that at age six; he used to play a game with his two older sisters called “go to sleep,” which was a game where he took off their panties because they wanted to sleep. The 65-year-old said he did not see it as abuse at the time, adding that it left him with the indelible impression that little girls wanted to be touched.

He said even though he had no recollection of being abused, a counselor told him he had being sexually abused by his mother. His mother shut down the claims, arguing that the therapist had probably given him “a false memory.” Even as an older child, he said the sex games with little girls were common place and Gibson said he knew it was a wrong thing to do, but growing up in the 50’s, every male he knew was either attracted to little girls or children in general.

The father-of-three speaking to the Sun confessed that his carnal but allegedly harmless desires did not extend to little boys or teenage girls. Gibson said when girls turned 12 and started to wear makeup or look older; he did not find them appealing. Gary Gibson amazingly revealed that his wife, Tabitha had accepted that he was a harmless pedophile and that she was supportive and confident that he had not done anything out of place ever.

Gary, who has also worked in the grocery business, said he was a lucky man to be married to Tabitha. The British-born woman met Gibson while working in the U.S. in 2004. They married 12 months later. The 65-year-old man told her he was a pedophile six years later. According to him, he said she took it rather well, because she was a nurse and saw it from a mental health perspective. Tabitha said she was taken aback by his confession, but never saw him do something that made her question if he had molested a child before.

Gary has three kids from a previous relationship. His kids aged between 38 and 42 have come to accept that their father is a pedophile. Gary says his attraction towards little girls is not purely sexual, saying he is attracted to the notion of “grooming them and relating with them on their level.”

Gary Gibson is not the first “non-offending pedophile.” Todd Nickerson from Tennessee also claims that he does not act on his impulses, but believes adults should have a form of contact with children. Gibson disagrees, arguing that he stands for no contact whatsoever with children when dealing with urges.

Todd, a freelance graphic designer said he knew he was attracted to underage children when he was 13. He said his “Eureka moment” came when a neighbor visited his home with his eight-year-old daughter and he was blown away by her beauty. He said another time; he was told to babysit a five-year-old and was feeling a sexual connection to her. According to him, anything he now feels will be a problem for him, he cuts out.

“I started ageing and realized that the age of the girls I was attracted to was staying the same, that’s when I realized this was going to be a problem. After that I moved out of town for a couple of months, anything that was going to present me with a temptation, I just cut it out of my life.”

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