Mitt Romney Leads Barack Obama By 6 Points In Florida Poll

Tara Dodrill

Mitt Romney leads President Barack Obama 51 to 45 in Florida. The new poll was conducted by the Tampa Bay Times, News 9, and the Miami Herald. Both candidates made multiple visits to the Sunshine State in recent days as they worked diligently to garner ever last vote possible before the election on Tuesday.

Florida polls conducted by other news agencies also reportedly show a very tight contest. The recent poll numbers are a "key indicator" that Romney will score the electoral votes that Obama won in 2008, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Participants in the new Florida poll gave Mitt Romney the edge when asked which candidate they trusted to fix the economy. The election survey results also gave the Republican nominee a 2-point edge when asked which presidential candidate they felt would look out more for the middle-class. The updated results are in stark contrast to polling answers given when the same question was posed during the last several months.

A total of two percent more of the voters polled gave Romney the advantage on foreign policy. The presumed lack of transparency over the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi is largely credited with the polling boost for the GOP nominee.

Mason-Dixon Polling and Research representative Brad Coker had this to say about Romney's 6-point lead in Florida:

"Florida typically is a little bit more Republican than the rest of the country."

Redetha Banfield, a 77-year-old Democrat, had this to say about the election:

"I think Obama did a bad job and he needs to be out of there. Maybe the other one won't do any better, but I think we need a change."