‘Giant Alien Hand’ Found In Peru Desert Cave, Paranormal Researchers Claim [Video]

A group of paranormal researchers claim to have found the giant hand of a mysterious humanoid being in Cusco, Peru. Paranormal enthusiasts believe the hand belonged to an alien or extraterrestrial being.

According to the researchers, they obtained the hand, which has three long and thin fingers, from a group of friends who found it while exploring caves and tunnels in the desert near their home in southeastern Peru.

The group of friends also claimed that they found a small mummified and elongated humanoid skull at a spot near where they found the hand. They allowed paranormal researcher Brien Foerster and his team to examine the mysterious specimens. But they allegedly declined to give specific information about the location of the cave and tunnel where they found the strange hand and skull.

Although paranormal and UFO enthusiasts declared the alleged “alien hand” and skull as evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial beings, skeptics have dismissed the latest claim by paranormal researcher Brien Foerster and his Hidden Inca Tours team as a hoax.

But Foerster insisted that he examined the hand personally in Cusco, Peru, and that he was convinced they were genuine hands of a humanoid creature.

According to Foerster, the person who found the hand did not want to sell it. The owner said he agreed to grant Foerster’s team access because he was curious to learn about the nature of the strange objects.

Foerster claimed that he and his team presented the “alien” hand and the elongated skull to physicians in Cusco, who conducted X-ray analysis and found that each of the three fingers had six bones, compared with human hands that have only three. The physicians concluded that the hand and skull were genuine biological objects, with real animal bone and skin tissues.

The physicians, according to Foerster, confirmed that the specimens were not Hollywood props or the creation of a hoaxer. The physicians also determined that the hand was not human. But they were unable to identify the type or species of life form the skull and hand had belonged to.

“It was X-rayed and examined by physicians here in Cusco who stated that it clearly was not a human, but was a life form of some kind.”

The paranormal researchers said that detailed examination of the end of a finger showed that the fingernail was remarkably human in appearance and form. The skin was also very human-looking. Thus, even if the alleged being was not human, it must have been very human-like or humanoid.

X-ray analysis also allegedly confirmed that the skin and bones had characteristic mammalian features.

The researchers said that they planned to conduct radiocarbon and DNA testing of the mysterious specimens in the U.S. early in 2017.

But UFO blogger Scott C. Waring warned that DNA tests will not determine if the genome of the creature is alien because “we have no aliens to compare it to.”

“DNA results will only say the DNA doesn’t match any known species,” Waring argued on his UFO Sightings Daily blog.

He argued that the hand and skull might have belonged to different alien individuals of different species because while the skull looked like it belonged to an infant, the hand looked like an adult’s.

“Sure there is a skull, but it looks to be the size of an infant, if it is the same species as the hand.”

“Several different kinds of aliens may have been working together and died in the Cusco cave tunnel where it was found,” Waring concluded.

Some online viewers appeared to find the evidence presented in the video convincing.

“Truly amazing,” a YouTube viewer exclaimed. “It makes you question the whole idea of life and how it evolved.”

Others argued that the hand was a hoax.

“Maybe someone attached human fingers on top of a fin,” a skeptical viewer suggested.

Others claimed that the person presented in the video as a physician was only an actor pretending to be a physician.

“Yeah, lets examine this interesting piece of alien evidence in the middle of my kitchen without any kind of environmental contamination measures or proper tools, just bare handed,” a skeptical viewer commented sarcastically. “But, oh, but don’t forget the gloves and coat, we are scientists!”

But this is not the first time that Foerster and his team have been involved in a controversial investigation of alleged evidence of alien life. He claimed to have sent samples of DNA obtained from the famous Paracas skulls for analysis and that the results showed they contained non-human DNA, presumably of extraterrestrial origin.

The Paracas skulls refer to strange-looking skulls, believed to be about 3,000-years-old, found by a team of archaeologists in the Paracas desert area of the Pisco province of southern Peru in 1928. The shape of the skulls sparked a debate, with paranormal enthusiasts insisting they were not human but alien.

However, mainstream scientific researchers insisted that the strangely elongated shape of the skulls was due to the practice of artificial cranial deformation, also known as head-binding.

Head-binding involves the application of steady pressure to soft, growing juvenile skulls to distort the shape.

But paranormal researchers, including Foerster, insisted that the unusual shape of the skulls was not due to head-binding. They argued that unlike skulls elongated by head-binding procedures, the Paracas skulls had greater volume and weight than normal human skulls.

Previous studies had shown that head-binding only reshapes the skull. It does not increase its volume and weight.

Foerster claimed that DNA analysis showed that the mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) of the skulls had non-human mutations. This suggested that the humanoid creatures that owned the skulls were not related to Homo sapiens and their close relatives, such as the Neanderthals and the Denisovans.

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